Convert Box Van to RV

50 year old Joseph Tayyar is not like the rest of us. You and I look at those 35′ long UHaul moving trucks and think, “I could fit my whole house in there.” Tayyar looks at them and thinks, “I could fit my whole house in there.” It’s a subtle difference, sure, but it’s one that led the Israeli man to pick up his own box truck and start sketching.

That’s right, the first step in converting his box truck into an RV were these sketches that laid out the finished mobile home’s floorplan, cabinetry, and plumbing/heating systems. Done by Joseph Tayyar, a professional animator by day, the early drawings of the build look like this …

… not bad, right?

All-in, converting the box truck to a luxury RV cost Tayyar about $225,000. Not bad at all, considering what a similarly equipped motorhome in the US would cost and the fact that it’s close to the number bandied about by Hoffman Architecture when they restored an old Airstream RV a few years ago. That’s without the medium-duty Mitsubishi Fuso chassis and technical goodness, either! For that scratch, the intrepid animator got himself a large slide-out section, dining area, bedroom, full-size (for Europe/Asia) water heater, generators, and (of course!) a roof-length solar panel array that helps keep all the goodies going.

Check out the photos, below, and let us know what you think of this Israeli dream cruiser in the comments section, below. Enjoy!


Convert Box Truck to RV

Convert Box Truck to RV

Convert Box Truck to RV

Solar Panels on RV

Moving Van Converted to Mobile Home

Source | Photos: Ilan Nachum, via Decoist.