Electric cars have been around since the first automobiles started being built en masse, but until recently it was up to DIYers to build an EV if they wanted one. While most DIY types focus on the practical aspects of an EV, others, like Mike Pethel, are more concerned with performance. That’s why he has created a unique and powerful electric vehicle based on a classic BMW 3.0 CS.

Originally powered by a 3.0 liter, inline-six cylinder engine, this 1970’s German classic car makes an ideal platform for an electric racer. With rear-wheel drive and a large back seat, there is ample room for the massive battery pack consisting of 2,400 individual lithium-iron phosphate batteries. Pethel estimates that he has about 800 horsepower on board and a top speed around 145 mph.

It’s a far cry from the stodgy and boring EVs put out by automakers more than a decade ago, though we think the Tesla Model S would probably give it a run for its money. Then again, after watching Pethel shred rubber, perhaps even the mighty Tesla might have to take a backseat to this badass homebrewed EV.

Somebody needs to arrange a race between Mike and White Zombie, a Datsun 510 that is often hailed as the world’s fastest electric drag car. Then again, the pure-electric BMW M3 built by EV West would be an awesome grudge match of old versus new school as well. We don’t care what Mike chooses to race in his classic BMW EV, we just want to see him race!

Source: Burn Energy Journal