Covering 2,128 miles in a day. That’s enough to carry a car about the distance from Los Angeles, California to Atlanta, Georgia in just twenty four hours. That’s impressive enough in any car, but there’s something extra special about this particular run, because it was done in a Porsche. An electric Porsche.

That’s right, kids. Last week, at Italy’s Nardo test track, a pre-production prototype of the upcoming, hotly anticipated and all electric Porsche Taycan drove more than 2000 miles in just twenty-four hours. That’s an average speed of just under 90 MPH, and that includes charging time. (!) So, yeah– these guys were driving FAST, all day and all night.

The test served to hype the Taycan, of course, but the first full year’s supply of the first-ever electric Porsche is already sold out, so think of this test as more of a demonstration of the capability of Porsche’s new, 800-volt fast-charging system. With it, crews were able to charge the Taycan quickly enough to cover the distance without long waits to recharge. The “Porsche Pit Stop” charging station, adapted from the 919 Hybrid LeMans-winning race car, is expected to be able to provide up to 120 miles of additional range in less than 10 minutes when.

It would be almost inconceivable to expect any car to cover that many miles, even with the apparent benefit of fast liquid refueling– but that’s just it. With Porsche’s fast chargers– like Tesla’s Superchargers– there really isn’t any benefit. Once the infrastructure is there, then, what advantage will an internal combustion engine really have?

None that I can think of, but I’m not the smartest guy in the room (I hope!). Maybe one of you guys can read all this electric Porsche stuff and say, to yourselves “But wait, an internal combustion car would be able to …” and make me feel dumb, but I’m sure you can. I think this is it, gang: the death of “Range Anxiety”. Great stuff!


Porsche Taycan Prototype at Nardo

Source | Images: Porsche, via Green Car Reports.