Quazzar Electric Scooter

Despite the knock-off styling, the electric scooter you see here was engineered in Germany, is styled and built in Italy, and marketed by a Spanish company. The bike’s makers, an outfit calling itself QuaZZar, claim that it’s the scooting equivalent of utopia, and that they’ve tapped each nations historical strengths to deliver the best possible scooter money can buy. Before you accept that as the crazed chatter you always get from people who’ve never owned a Honda or Yamaha, however, check out some of the QuaZZar’s details.

To begin with, the QuaZZar-e’s styling is very “Italian”. By that, of course, I mean it looks like a Vespa. It has shades of the classic 1960s Sprints, maybe a little VBB bubbliness to it, too. Still, too all but the most dedicated scooterists, it tracks as a classic Vespa- and that’s a good thing. The bike is also available with a full suite of accessories, which includes a front folding rack, a rear rack, a front bumper, and cowl protectors. A similar kit for a Vespa or Genuine Stella sells for over $700. Factor in custom-look seats and sporty wheels and you can see there’s value there.

On top of that, the bike is fully electric- meaning stop and go traffic will be laid to waste by the instant-on torque of the bike’s 60V electric motor. In practice, it should remind riders of the bygone 2-stroke era, but, you know, without the buzzing and carcinogens. On the QuaZZar, your fellow commuters will appreciate the lack of smoke and definitely see you thanks to the bike’s über-bright LED lights- another expensive upgrade compared to the competition.

So, it’s authentically Italian, with German engineering, and should be available for global distribution later this year. Will it be a hit? Let us know what kind of future you think the QuaZZar-e electric scooter has in the comments, below.


Source | Photos: MotosQuazzar, via Motorpasion.