The Tesla Model 3 is a remarkable family sedan and easily outshines any other car in its category. Part of this ‘shine’ is the car’s unique out of the box exterior design. Tesla went out of its way to rid us of the conventional sedan looks we get from gasoline-powered car manufacturers. Even to someone who’s never heard of Tesla, the exterior finish tells them that this car represents the future.

A substantial part of the Model 3’s exterior is its chrome finish. Chrome has always been considered in the motor world to represent class and prestige. Tesla knows this and is very generous with the chrome finishes on the Model 3. When you look at the car from different angles, you can easily pick out the chrome finish on its exterior.

At first glance, you will notice that the Tesla logo both at the front and the back of the Model 3 are made of chrome. Also noticeable is the trim around the front and taillights, which are also made of chrome. The door handles, the plate with the Tesla name above where the license plate is supposed to go, and the trim around the windows are all made of chrome.

As much as chrome is a premium material, some people don’t like it. Others claim to find it challenging to maintain and keep neat compared to the ordinary vehicle paint finish. Although chrome doesn’t rust as easily, it’s very shiny, and dirt can make this shine less noticeable. This, along with the need for modern styling on your car’s exterior, brings about a need to ‘de-chrome.’ Let’s look at some of the things you can do to hide your chrome on the Tesla Model 3.

Windows Trim Chrome Delete

The window trim on the Model 3 is made purely out of chrome and can be a distraction from the car’s beautiful silhouette, especially on a sunny day. To hide this chrome, you have a few options:

  • You can spray-paint the chrome. Of course, this is very risky and might end up not giving you the desired finish, especially if you are using a different colored paint from the car’s body. It however, works for some and can yield astonishingly beautiful results if you have a factory black body and choose to have a glossy black finish on the trim.
  • A more conventional method is chrome deleting the trim. Chrome deletion is simply using vinyl to cover up chrome panels. You can shop for vinyl on many online stores and install them yourself on the trim around the windows of your Model 3. When picking a color for your vinyl, you can never go wrong with Matte Black or Glossy Black. These two types of vinyl complement almost any Model 3 body color.
  • There’s also an option to use carbon fiber wraps or Plastic Dip. The problem with this is that these two options fade very fast compared to 3M series 2080 Black films. That said, they are easier to install and replace.

Trim Around Grille and Lights

A question arises of how easy it is to wrap the grille below the Tesla logo in vinyl. It’s not easy to do, so most people prefer spray painting this feature. Again, when it comes to spray paint, you’ll be taking the risk of ruining the rest of the paint job.

To avoid damaging your car, you can use 3M dual cast films that will easily wrap around the grille, window trim, and other curved surfaces. These dual cast films also offer choice in styling because they come in different colors. Nevertheless, just like the series 2080 films, Matte and Glossy black finishes never disappoint.

Many model 3 owners also wonder what to do about the head and tail lights chrome trims. Spray painting is an option, but you still risk damaging your expensive LEDs. It also does not help that Model 3 lights are in short supply and might take you some months to get a replacement, should you spoil yours.

Surprisingly, most people may not be aware that many American car accessory manufacturers like AVS, AmericanCarCraft, and Lund make chrome deleting headlight rings. These are even easier to install because all you have to do is order the specific ones for your Model 3.


These are just a few of the ways you can protect your Model 3’s chrome finishes. There are lots of other tips and tricks by electric vehicle enthusiasts that you can find on YouTube. However, remember not to go overboard; you do not want to end up ruining your car’s look when all you were trying to do was enhance it while also protecting the chrome finishes.