Wind Power

Oklahoma to Be Home to New Wind-Solar Hybrid Energy Complex

As first reported by, Oklahoma will soon be home to the largest wind-solar hybrid energy generation complex in the United States. The Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) will be off-taking the power generated and NextEra Energy Resources LLC. will be responsible for construction and operation. An announcement made last week by a WFEC spokesperson detailed the specifics of the project which will ensure that its power generation portfolio will include 50% solar, wind, and hydropower capacity. Gary Roulet, Chief Executive Officer for WFEC said in a statement: “At Western Farmers, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers with reliable, low-cost and environmentally-friendly energy. With the price of wind and solar energy lower than ever, we are now ...

America’s First Offshore Wind Farm Set To Start Operations In November

Construction of America's first offshore wind farm has been completed in the waters off Block Island in Rhode Island Sound. It is expected to cut the cost of electricity by 40% once it begins operating in November.

Rockefeller Family Divesting From Fossil Fuels

The heirs of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil fortune are moving as much as $900 million away from fossil fuels and putting them in renewable energy.

What Kills More Birds, Windmills or Coal Power Plants?

You hear some pretty stupid arguments against clean energy these days. From people who don’t know anything about farming bleating on about ethanol raising food prices to people who don’t understand what causes wind claiming that sailboats cause global warming by “slowing wind down”. These people huffed too much paint in their youth and are beyond saving, so I won’t pretend to try to educate them. The kids, though? The kids are innocent, and hearing that windmills kill birds is not something bound to give tomorrow’s decision-making adults a favorable impression re: wind. SO, is it true that windmills kill birds? Yes. It’s thanksgiving, and you probably cooked a bird today, though, so what’s the real issue here? Shouldn’t the question, th...

Homemade Wind Powered Electric Vehicle Generates Almost 1 KW

Don’t laugh. This started as just another ho-hum, run-of-the-mill, zero emissions, homemade solar powered EV. But, sensibly, noting the enormous contribution of the wind turbine in the “snout” 400 watts at 28 MPH, night or day! Joe Rush, the inventor plans on adding a second wind turbine! This would bring the total on-board electricity supply  to nearly 1 KW. Well, at least when it’s traveling at 28 mph, it would. Perhaps following the findings of that Federal study which recently found that wind power is the second most cost-effective investment for Federal renewable energy dollars, right behind geothermal power Joe Rush is simply utilizing the free energy generated by simply being a moving vehicle: wind, from which he creates the first wind powered EV. [social_but...