Solar Power

Oklahoma to Be Home to New Wind-Solar Hybrid Energy Complex

As first reported by, Oklahoma will soon be home to the largest wind-solar hybrid energy generation complex in the United States. The Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) will be off-taking the power generated and NextEra Energy Resources LLC. will be responsible for construction and operation. An announcement made last week by a WFEC spokesperson detailed the specifics of the project which will ensure that its power generation portfolio will include 50% solar, wind, and hydropower capacity. Gary Roulet, Chief Executive Officer for WFEC said in a statement: “At Western Farmers, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers with reliable, low-cost and environmentally-friendly energy. With the price of wind and solar energy lower than ever, we are now ...

Volvo’s Ghent Factory Gets a Solar Upgrade

Volvo has made a number of commitments to reducing improving the Earth. Sometimes that means donating profits to help clean up the ocean, while other times that means reducing its own carbon footprint. This story is one of those latter cases, as Volvo announces the installation of 15,000 solar panels at its SPA platform car factory in Ghent, Belgium. The Belgian factory also uses wind power to supply around 11% of its power consumption, and in 2016 the factory introduced a heating system that reduced carbon emissions by 40%, saving 15,000 tons of CO2 per year. Ghent follows the company’s Skövde engine plant in Sweden– which was the first climate-neutral facility in Volvo’s global manufacturing network. You can check out the original press release, below, then let us know ...

New Airstream Globetrotter is Ready for Off the Grid Glamping

New Airstream Globetrotter is Ready to take even the most tech-obsessed people into the wild with off the grid solar power, satellite internet, and fancy style.

UK Study: Electric Cars Twice as Green Today as in 2012

A new UK Study finds that Electric Cars today are Twice as Green as they were in 2012 - thanks to advances in renewable energy!

Tesla Adds Glass Roof Option To Model S

Tesla has added a glass roof option to the Model S. The $1,500 roof adds a spacious feel to the interior of the car and updates the look of the car to current standards. Expect lots of customers to select this new feature.

MIT Breakthrough Boosts Solar Panel Output

Researchers at MIT have devised a new way to arrange solar panels they say can increase the amount of electricity generated from 2 to 20 times what a flat roof system can produce.

“Solar Cars” Get Big Boost In California

First of all, let’s qualify the term “solar cars” here. Many people may simply assume that a solar car is a car with solar panels on top of it. But let’s think about this: if an electric car is powered by solar panels, is it not a solar car as well? A gasoline-powered car is considered a “gas car” and a diesel-powered car is considered a “diesel car,” so I’d say that a solar-powered car is a solar car. Anyhow, tangent over. The news is that Envision Solar International has just won a statewide contract from the State of California to provide EV ARC™ products to California state departments and other state and local agencies or entities. In an email sent my way, Envision Solar noted, “This means that many CA government workers and ...

Free Solar Powered Recharging Stations For San Francisco

Free solar powered recharging stations for electric cars are coming to San Francisco, thanks to Envision, the 11th Hour Program and Charge Across Town.

Rockefeller Family Divesting From Fossil Fuels

The heirs of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil fortune are moving as much as $900 million away from fossil fuels and putting them in renewable energy.

SunSwift Solar Car Goes Record 300 Miles On One Charge

While there are a number of EV advocates out there who recharge their cars using solar power, what about a car with solar panels, you know, built into it?

Worth It? A $40,000 Portable Solar-Powered EV Charger

Both a perk and a drawback of electric cars is the refueling system; you either have to spend anywhere from $500 to $2,500 getting an EV charger installed in your home, or hope there are enough public charging stations to go around. A new option has emerged from Envision Solar called the EV ARC, a portable, solar-powered EV charging station.

It Counts! Germans Get Incentives to Build Solar Carports

Cleantechnica is reporting that the scope of Germany’s current incentive programs to promote solar panel (and other green-tech) installations on existing structures includes existing carports, as well!  It’s hoped that Germany’s legislation will lead to rapid adoption of green tech in the home, and that solar-roofed homes, carports, hangars, etc. will help further reduce the operating costs of Germany’s available plug-in electric vehicles like the hot-selling Opel Ampera and ultra-sexy Fisker / Artega SE. Check out the original article, below.  

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