Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hyundai NEXO Earns Top Safety Rating

Despite hydrogen fuel cell equipped cars and trucks having been around for several years now, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has never actually crash tested one. Hyundai wanted to be the first, apparently, and they threw down the gauntlet by offering the IIHS an first early opportunity to evaluate a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle just as the NEXO starts to reach dealers in California— and scoring the firm’s highest possible safety rating. (!) “Hyundai and its engineering team continue to make vehicles even safer with the addition of active standard safety features, prioritizing cutting-edge safety and convenience at the forefront of the driving experience,” explained Scott Margason, director, Product Planning, Hyundai Motor America. And, for those of ...

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars: Where are They?

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) are an intriguing subject for anyone remotely interested in green technology. Several Asian car manufacturers including Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai have bet big on fuel cell technology, even shunning all-electric vehicles (EVs) in favor of FCVs. Despite this move, FCVs are lagging way behind EVs in total global sales. Total volume for sales of FCVs was a paltry 2,300 for 2018. Compare that with sales of over over 2 million for EVs and one begins to wonder if the big names in the Asian automotive world have bet on the wrong horse. Toyota’s Mirai, the most popular FCV moved a mere 1,700 units for 2018, a decrease of over 7% from 2017! Why aren’t FCVs selling and what are automakers doing about it? The Tech Fuel cell systems differ from traditiona...

Forget The Hydrogen Economy, Here Comes The Ammonia Economy

Monday, October 8th was the fourth annual Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day celebration, and if you heard the sound of partying from natural gas stakeholders, there’s a good reason for that. Hydrogen is touted as a zero-emission fuel and the primary source of hydrogen today is natural gas, which means that natural gas stakeholders will be looking to grow their foothold on the hydrogen fuel cell market. Well, not so fast. Hydrogen from natural gas and other fossil sources has a lot of baggage to carry in the form of fugitive greenhouse gas emissions. As the latest IPCC report makes clear, natural gas is not a sustainable solution. In any case, the race is already on to push fossils aside in favor of renewable sources. Get Ready For Renewable Hydrogen … Eventually! Renewable hydrogen is...

Hydrogen Future Rolls On: Toyota Mirai Taxis Launched in Dubai

The Hydrogen fuel cell Future keeps Rolling On: a fleet of fuel cell powered Toyota Mirai Taxis is being Launched in Dubai to compete against Tesla taxis.

Plug-In Electric Car Vs. Fuel Cell Car: Which Is Greener?

Researchers at Stanford wanted to know which was greener: an electric car or a hydrogen powered car? After crunching all the data, they got their answer.

Scientists Say New Hydrogen Process Is 100% Efficient

Scientists claim they have found a way to make one part of the process for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen 100% efficient. If true, that makes the idea of a hydrogen economy one step closer to reality.

Japan Pushes Forward With Hydrogen Society Ahead Of Olympics

Japan is committed to creating a hydrogen society in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but it has no hydrogen and no idea how to get it without emissions.

Car Makers Giving Away Free Hydrogen

Toyota and Hyundai are promising buyers of their fuel cell cars free hydrogen. Why? Because current refueling pumps are not accurate enough.