Prometheus Looks to Make Gasoline from Air

In the world of Greek mythology, Prometheus is credited with stealing fire from the gods and giving it to man. In similar fashion, the California startup Prometheus Fuels is looking to do the impossible and perfect a process that turns air into gasoline. Impossible you say? Hardly. According to Prometheus’ founder Rob McGinnis, “It can sound like magic, but it’s really just chemistry.” Prometheus Fuels uses an electrochemical process that starts with CO2 from the air to form carbonic acid. This acid is then converted to carbon monoxide and carbon hydroxide. When electricity is added, the carbon monoxide reacts with water to make ethanol. While electricity is required, it can be generated using renewable sources such as wind and solar. This gives Prometheus’ an envir...

Video: Gas vs. Electric vs. Hybrid Supercar Showdown

Video: Gas vs. Electric vs. Hybrid Supercar Showdown as the Grand Tour pits a Lamborghini Aventador, Honda NSX, and Rimac Concept One against each other!

CEO Of Royal Dutch Shell Says His Next Car Will Be A Plug-in Hybrid

Ben Van Beurden, the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, says his next new car will be a plug-in hybrid. He currently drives a diesel. Will wonders never cease?

Britain Proposes Ban On Internal Combustion Vehicles After 2040

Following in the footsteps of France, the British government is proposing to ban all cars and light trucks with internal combustion engines after 2040.

France Plans To Ban Sale Of Cars With Internal Combustion Engines By 2040

France has announced a plan to ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines by 2040 as part of its commitment to the goals of the Paris climate accords.

Gasoline Engines Emit More Particulates Than Diesels

A study in Switzerland finds that gasoline engines equipped with direct injection systems emit up to 100 times more particulates than diesels engines. Surprise!

Automakers Eyeing Higher Octane Gasoline To Lower Emissions

Automakers and oil companies are working together to develop higher octane gasoline for more efficient engines with lower carbon emissions. Expect regular gas to disappear from gas stations in 5 years or so.

Total Predicts Electric Cars Will Decrease Demand For Gasoline By 2030

Total, one of the world's largest oil producers, says it expects demand for gasoline to level off or decline by 2030 as the number of electric cars sold worldwide increases to as much as 30% of the new car market.

US Electric Car Market In Color (Infographic)

I’m generally not a fan of infographics — they often pack a little bit of information into a maze of colors. However, I think the one below is super interesting. It uses what us old-schoolers call “charts” and “graphs,” and it uses them to paint a really succinct and interesting picture of the US electric car market, from the beginning of 2011 to the end of the 1st half of 2015. Have a look (click to embiggen), and then check out my commentary if you care for it: Here are some of the things that popped out to me looking at those charts and graphs: #1 Chart You can really see the BMW i3 pop onto the scene in 2014 (and I’m sure it’s not just because of the bright green color it was given…). The Toyota Prius Plug-In really drops off a clif...

Zaptera Says Aptera USA Will Push On With 3-Wheeled Gas And Electric Vehicles

Zaptera USA is the phoenix rising from the ashes of failed three-wheeled EV company Aptera, which went bankrupt in 2011. Zaptera wants to start producing aerodynamically inclined three-wheeled Aptera as electric, hybrid and gas-powered vehicles as early as next year.

Gas Prices Will Climb Even Higher In 2012

2011 was a bad year for gas prices, but a good year for Big Oil. 2012 is shaping up to be even worse, with a perfect storm of ending energy subsidies, uncertainty in the world’s busiest oil-shipping corridor, and growing demand from developing nations. Could this be the first year of $5 a gallon gasoline? In the year 2011, gas prices averaged over $3.50 a gallon nationwide, 72 centers a gallon higher than in 2010. Analysts are estimating that in 2012, gas prices will average between $3.80 and $4.13 a gallon for the year. In some places, gas could top $5 a gallon. That’s no surprise to me, as there are a number of contributing factors at work here. For one, Congress voted to end the ethanol blenders tax credit after 30 years. Oil companies were recieved 45-cents per gallon of ethanol blendi...