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Toyota Tundra Could Get Either Cummins Diesel Or Hybrid; Why Not Both?

Despite the fact that American automakers dominate the full-size truck market, both Nissan and Toyota have made a go at earning a slice of that pie. The Nissan Frontier has upped the ante with a 5.0 liter Cummins V8 turbodiesel available starting next year, which has Toyota pondering either a diesel or hybrid option for its own full-size pickup. I say do both.

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Flashback Friday: The BMW Diesel-Powered Lincoln Mark VII

In the early 80s American automakers were caught flat-footed by yet another oil crisis and serious inflation woes. This led to the rapid deployment of diesel cars, which no American automaker had any experience with. While GM developed an awful diesel V8 on its own, Ford paired with BMW to offer a line of diesel-powered Lincoln Mark VII coupes that are today valued more for their rarity than performance.

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