The Newest EV Data: CleanTechnica’s 2018 EV Report is Now Available

For the third year in a row, CleanTechnica has published an in-depth report on electric car drivers in North America and Europe. For the cross-continental report, we surveyed over 2,000 electric car drivers. This year, we also surveyed over 1,000 people who don’t yet have an electric car. You can read the executive summary below, get a free preview of the report here, or go ahead and buy the full report at a 50% discount in the coming week ($1500 instead of $3000). If you will be at AEC2018 in Brussels in a couple of days, I will be presenting additional findings from the report there during the opening plenary — along with other electric vehicle findings and hopefully useful insights. The electric transport industry is one of the hottest industries in the world. Billions of dollars ...

DOE Touts Seaweed As Biofuel Source Of The Future

The Department of Energy will provide grants under the ARPA-E program to research the use of algae to make biofuel instead of land based crops like corn. They won't like this in Iowa.

Where Have You Been? (the Standalone ECU Edition)

In an industry first, Speedriven has successfully installed and operated a standalone ECU system into a highly complicated Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG.

PDU Launches E85 Conversion Mod for BMW N55 Engine

The BMW performance gurus over at Performance Design Unlimited have just launched an E85 fuel injection upgrade for BMW N55 turbo engines.

E85 and the Dawn of the 1000 HP Mercedes-Benz

The owner of this 2003 Mercedes CL600 wanted more speed and power, but not the expense of a brand new car. Add E85 and big turbos and it drives like new!

1700 HP Nissan GTR “Goliath” Hits 237.1 MPH on Public Road

Thanks to the tuning gurus at Switzer Performance - and the magic of E85! - this 1700 HP "Goliath" Nissan GTR hit 237 MPH ... on a section of public road!

New UN Report Slams Ethanol And Other Biofuels

A pair of new reports from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) may have finally buried the worldwide push for mass biofuel production.

Deep Dive: Chevy’s Twin-turbo IndyCar V6 for 2014

The new, E85-powered Chevrolet IndyCar V6 engine is a 675 hp, 2.2 liter, twin-turbocharged champion in the making- here it is, in depth and up close.

New Algae Oil Process Takes Less Than An Hour

While electric cars are becoming increasingly popular with those seeking an alternative to oil, liquid fuels and combustion engines are going to remain a dominant force for decades to come. One of the most promising alternatives to fossil fuels is oil produced from algae, and researchers have developed a new process that takes just minutes to turn pond scum into carbon-neutral fuel. Scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have created a continuous chemical process that turns wet algae into useful crude oil, the big difference being the use of wet, rather than dry algae. See, most algae-to-oil processes require energy-intensive drying of algae, before it can be converted into oil. Utah-based Genifuel has licensed the technology, and is in the process of building a pilot plan...

Roadtrek Adds Solar Power, Biodiesel to Its RV Lineup

I’ve maintained for a while now that the best way to convince someone that nature is worth preserving is to get them out into it. It seems like the people at Roadtrek agree- and they’re going a step further by offering a new B+ class motorhome that not only uses recycled materials in its construction, but is capable of operating entirely free of fossil fuels! Built on Mercedes’ Sprinter van platform, Roadtrek’s eco-friendly E-Trek is powered by a 3.0 liter Mercedes diesel engine that’s 100% bio-diesel capable. The diesel is used as the primary power plant to drive the RV, and is also capable of feeding the E-Trek’s electrical system and batteries. When parked, the diesel generates 3.5 KW of power that gets bumped up to 5.5 KW while it’s on the move...

Brew Your Own Ethanol With This DIY Moonshine Still

Thanks to some intrepid young men and women at the Clawhammer Supply Co., you can now brew your own high-octane DIY moonshine (ethanol) right at home. If you decide to stop the process at around 80-100 proof, you can even drink it yourself. Just in time for the holidays! Admit it. At one point in your life, the idea of operating an illegal moonshine still cleverly hidden in a sliding wall in your house and making deliveries of said moonshine to leggy coeds while their daddies was out huntin’ in your very own Hemi-engined Dodge Charger seemed pretty attractive. Especially if said Charger was sprayed with a thick coat of M126 “Hugger Orange” single-stage. Uncle Jesse would be so proud! DIY Moonshine Kit Still, (See what I did, there?) the main th...

Revolver – the Compressed Air Powered Motorcycle from Taiwan

The bike you see here is powered by compressed air, generates no harmful emissions, and – in all likelihood – will never get past the design phase … but what a design! Compressed air cars may be boring, but this things is HOT!

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