porsche-configChances are there is one, maybe two people reading this car blog that could ever afford a Porsche 918 Spyder, the $845,000, record-setting super-hybrid of every green car geek’s dreams. But thanks to the Internet, everybody regardless of income can have some fun configure the Porsche super-hybrid we’ll buy, just as soon as we win the lotto.

The Porsche 918 Spyder configurator came online last week, and allows users to select from a limited selection of colors and options. Users can pick from one of a dozen different colors (including four shades of black and four shades of silver), three different wheels, and the addition of a a lift system for the front axle and a “stone guard” to protect your investment from errant rocks. Of course you’ll want to protect your 78 mpg, 795 horsepower uber-hybrid from all those nasty chips and dings.

That’s only the tip of that option iceberg though, as a number of additional features, like cupholders and extra-padded seats, are considered premium options. If you want some accented seatbelts, well that “exclusive” feature will cost you extra too. Noticeably, Porsche doesn’t even put a price on these options; after all, if you’re serious about buying a $845,000 supercar, what’s another grand or two for cupholders?

Dream on green car geeks, dream on.