There are little Prii, big Prii, plug-in Prii, racing Prii, and now – just revealed at this weekend’s Tokyo Auto Salon – there are full-fledged, fully-equipped, and very Real Toyota Prius camper vans.

Starting with a new, 3rd-gen Prius, the conversion company adds a streamlined, fiber-reinforced plastic shell that expands the Prius’ interior into something that’s, well, livable! The “living area” has room for a small coffee table with booth-type seating and underseat storage which can be converted to a queen-size bed (as shown, below), with an additional “permanent” bed in the forward section (above the cockpit). At the rear of the shell, the Prius RV features a shower/bathroom stall, which seems big enough for (quick) standing showers.

No word, yet, on storage capacities, kitchen amenities, or price – but even if those are minimal (they’d have to be!), this little camper would certainly go a long way towards making cross-country camping trips greener, cleaner, and more affordable if it ever came stateside.

Enjoy a full photo gallery, from Carscoop, below.

Source | Photos: Carscoop.