Mitsubishi iMiEV Evolution II

The 2014 running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb won’t be remembered for its seriously fast drivers or – like 2013’s race – an astonishing, record-setting performance. Instead, it’ll be marred by the death of motorcycle racer Bobby Goodin, who crashed his number 86 2014 Triumph Daytona 675R just after crossing the finish line, and was announced dead shortly after by the El Paso Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

It was a gnarly, freak crash that most people didn’t see or even know about until the remaining runners were delayed. Bobby Goodin’s bike ended up going airborne and pitched the racer, sending him face down into a rocky area. EMTs found him unconscious, and gave him continuous CPR until he was taken away from the summit by a Flight for Life helicopter to Penrose Main Hospital in Colorado Springs.

Despite the tragedy, there were triumphs to be celebrated – if, maybe, not tonight.

European prototype racer Romain Dumas never threatened Loeb’s Pikes Peak record, but still had the fastest time on the day. Monster Tajima, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to have finished his run (I didn’t see it), while the all-electric Mitsubishi racers finished 1-2 in class, and 2-3 overall, proving once again that EVs have a future at America’s most storied hill climb.

You can check out the final standings, taken from timing and scoring at its last update, below, and let us know what you think of the EV’s performance (or, if you were lucky enough to be friends with him, Bobby Goodin’s passing) in the comments section at the bottom of the page.



Car No.DriverETCarClassPos.PIC
30Romain Dumas9:05.8012013 NormaUnlimited11
34Greg Tracy9:08.1882014 MitsubishiElectric Modified21
32Hiroshi Masuoka9:12.2042014 MitsubishiElectric Modified32
18Clint Vahsholtz9:54.7002013 FordOpen Wheel41
2Michael Skeen9:55.4712009 NissanPPC Open51
57mJeremy Toye9:58.6872013 KawasakiOpen61
911Vincent Beltoise10:00.7442009 PorscheTime Attack 171
111Jeff Zwart10:01.9172007 PorscheTime Attack 182
38mLambert Fabrice10:04.4012009 DucatiOpen92
52mDon Canet10:10.1012014 DucatiOpen103
43mMicky Dymond10:11.3192014 DucatiOpen114
20mBruno Langlois10:14.4802013 DUCATIOpen125
71Andy Figueroa10:15.9922005 FigwoodOpen Wheel132
31Rick Knoop10:16.7371958 Knoop-Mann SpecialUnlimited142
7Layne Schranz10:22.6121999 ChevroletPPC Open152
6Jeff MacPherson10:26.5482015 PorschePPC Open163
86Ken Gushi10:30.1882013 ScionTime Attack 1173
27Steve Goeglein10:30.7042002 ChevroletUnlimited183
104Toshiki Yoshioka10:34.5642014 ScionTime Attack 1194
17Randy Schranz10:35.2252013 ShelbyPPC Open204
18mDaniel Fernandez10:37.0432014 KawasakiOpen216
32mTomasz Gombos10:37.1672007 YamahaOpen227
4mOlivier Ulmann10:37.1812009 DUCATIOpen238
888Robert Walker10:37.7912013 ScionUnlimited244
326Tim Hardy10:44.6501987 BMWTime Attack 1255
372Ralf Christensson10:46.0001967 FordPPC-Vintage261
12mEric Piscione10:46.1592013 DUCATIMiddle Weight271
40Donner Billingsley10:46.4221996 WellsOpen Wheel283
156David Kern10:51.2632005 MitsubishiTime Attack 1296
97mJeff Grace10:55.6682014 TriumphMiddle Weight302
530mCal Collins10:58.2032011 HondaLight Weight311
16mJoseph Bernard Toner10:58.4662009 KawasakiMiddle Weight323
50mTakahiro Itami10:58.5802014 MV AGUSTAOpen339
28Dan Novembre10:59.0322013 Well CoyoteOpen Wheel344
167Christopher Lennon11:01.8801973 PorschePPC-Vintage352
285mCodie Vahsholtz11:02.0542005 KTMLight Weight362
463Yuri Kouznetsov11:03.9102006 MitsubishiTime Attack 1377
747mTravis Newbold11:04.2962005 HondaLight Weight383
217mCarlton Sorensen11:04.9052013 KawasakiOpen3910
86mBobby Goodin11:07.1142014 675RMiddle Weight404
54mGlenn Consor11:08.2032008 YamahaOpen4111
56Chris Strauch11:08.9141973 PorschePPC Open425
902James Robinson11:09.1341991 Honda AcuraPPC Open436
17mJoseph Connor Toner11:11.0862007 ApriliaLight Weight444
412mZachary Jacobs11:11.8852009 HondaMiddle Weight455
73Fred Veitch11:14.8342001 PorscheTime Attack 2461
711Raymund Guerrero11:19.2792008 DodgeTime Attack 2472
42mTheo Bernhard11:20.0202007 YamahaPPC-Quad481
591mDaniel Berendes11:21.8772008 HondaLight Weight495
919mClive Savacool11:23.2722010 BMWOpen5012
62mJ.D. Mosley11:25.2072007 TriumphMiddle Weight516
117Dan Aweida11:28.6792008 FordTime Attack 2523
8mGuy Martin11:32.5582014 MartekPPC-UTV531
183mYasuo Arai11:33.6131980 KawasakiPPC-UTV542
968Brianne Corn11:35.8432005 SubaruTime Attack 1558
96mBrandon Tubbs II11:36.3802014 RECPPC-Quad562
178Jonathan Newcombe11:37.0842008 HyundaiTime Attack 1579
69mDarryl Lujan11:40.4142013 HondaLight Weight586
72Derek Boyd11:40.7862008 MitsubishiTime Attack 15910
79Sead Causevic11:40.9552010 VolkswagenTime Attack 16011
143mSteve Alexander11:45.0902008 ApriliaLight Weight617
429Scott Crouch11:45.3202013 SubaruTime Attack 16212
714mTrace Downing11:45.7722010 KTMLight Weight638
99mMike Ell11:47.7162013 RattlerPPC-Quad643
47mMasahiro Takano11:48.6441973 KawasakiPPC-UTV653
371Magnus Dybeck11:52.5241998 FordTime Attack 16613
451mEric Foutch11:55.3822013 DucatiOpen6713
31mTroy Smith11:55.8162006 SuzukiPPC-Quad684
373Magnus Widen11:56.9541965 FordPPC-Vintage693
254mKevin Heil11:57.2232009 ApriliaLight Weight709
93Sage Marie11:59.0952008 HondaTime Attack 2714
777mJeff Clark11:59.8142013 ZeroElectric Production721
188mJeremy Harbison12:00.7232005 HondaPPC-Quad735
473mKristipher Lillegard12:00.8612014 MV AgustaOpen7414
77Jerad Voight12:04.5042010 ChevroletTime Attack 2755
386mAlan Cunningham12:06.0152002 SuzukiLight Weight7610
295mMatt Meinert12:09.5132004 HondaPPC-250771
265William Kitchens12:10.4351997 BMWTime Attack 17814
12Lorie Wood12:11.3082010 WellsOpen Wheel795
65mAdam Bauer12:16.8852012 KawasakiMiddle Weight807
8Ikuo Hanawa12:18.0192011 SummitElectric Modified813
570mDavid Johansen12:19.4142013 DucatiMiddle Weight828
64mJeremiah Johnson12:20.4482013 BrutusElectric Modified831
976mWarren Egger12:21.5382005 KTMLight Weight8411
247mAlberto Dalessio12:26.2462011 DucatiOpen8515
214mDoug Chestnutt12:27.9971992 YamahaLight Weight8612
626Donald Hoffman12:29.6122013 RadicalPPC-Exhibition871
63mKeith Steidl12:31.2452013 HondaPPC-Quad886
151mDan Elders12:32.0042008 SuzukiMiddle Weight899
23mDavid Rutherford12:39.3352005 SuzukiMiddle Weight9010
405mCody Steggell12:42.9312008 SuzukiMiddle Weight9111
389mRaymond Van Antwerp12:48.1652007 ApriliaLight Weight9213
10mTeague Sawyer12:49.1452005 HondaLight Weight9314
51Aaron Kaufman12:53.8921963 FordPPC-Exhibition942
177Roy Richards12:55.5912012 HondaElectric Production951
360Janis Horeliks12:57.5362014 TeslaElectric Modified964
9mMark Shim12:58.5191971 TriumphVintage Motorcycle971
291mJim Wilson12:59.7142006 SuzukiOpen9816
442mJimi Heyder13:01.2231989 SuzukiPPC-250992
199John Edwards Parton13:10.6202003 MiniTime Attack 110015
26David Schmidt II13:13.7732008 FordPPC Open1017
6mLloyd Hale13:27.6851978 YamahaVintage Motorcycle1022
39mYoshihiro Kishimoto13:36.6542014 MIRAIElectric Modified1032
77mMike Ryan13:46.8842014 TriumphPPC-UTV1044
114mMichael Valdez14:04.1461976 YamahaVintage Motorcycle1053
406TJ Fry14:08.3221995 BMWPPC-Exhibition1063
15Tom Wright14:10.5032005 MitsubishiTime Attack 110716
78Kash Singh14:17.3522008 FordTime Attack 21086
75Corey Taguchi14:26.4382010 HondaPPC-Exhibition1094
62Ed Gaven14:52.4072003 Factory FivePPC Open1108
977mSteve Mageors15:04.7262010 SuzukiPPC-2501113
47Andrei Mitrasca16:16.0142005 SEATTime Attack 21127
787mMichael Henao17:26.1282006 KawasakiMiddle Weight11312
66mMasahito Watanabe23:50.0802014 KumanoSidecar1141
1Nobuhiro Tajima–.—2014 Monster SportElectric Modified1155
24mDavid Meyer–.—2012 PolarisPPC-UTV1165
2mChris Wells–.—2010 MR EquipeSidecar1172
959Dave Carapetyan–.—2003 MitsubishiUnlimited1185
230Steve Wickham–.—2014 ToyotaElectric Production1192
555Bally Jean Jacques–.—1995 PorscheTime Attack 112017
65Rodney O’Maley–.—2012 O’MaleyOpen Wheel1216
11Dave Wood–.—2010 WellsOpen Wheel1227
702Danny George–.—2002 MazdaPPC Open1239
300Andy Kingsley–.—2004 SubaruTime Attack 112418
88Spencer Steele–.—1994 PVAOpen Wheel1258
200Mark Rennison–.—1985 FordUnlimited1266
989Piero Nappi–.—2010 PicchioUnlimited1277
98Paul Dallenbach–.—2008 PVAOpen Wheel1289
662mJ.D. Mosley–.—2007 TriumphMiddle Weight12913
76mMike Scarsella–.—1974 TriumphVintage Motorcycle1304


Source:, via PPIHC, NBC Sports.