PPIHC fan guide

The 2014 running of the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb (PPIHC) is under way today, June 29th. As always, the race promises to deliver some of the best electric and alt-fuel racing in the country with several serious plug-in contenders aiming to knock Sebatien Loeb’s record 2013 run up the mountain.

For those of you with short memories, 2013 marked the first running of the “paved” mountain – which is to say that 2013 was the first year the entire road/race course up the Peak was paved. As such, many racers showed with cars optimized for loose surfaces, but Loeb’s Peugeot looked more like an old Group C or IMSA prototype than a dirt car, and it crushed the 10-minute mark (the established “wow, that’s fast!” time at the PPIHC) with a blistering 8:13.878 time that was nearly 50 seconds faster than 2nd place.

You can check out the official Pikes Peak video love stream at this TodoCast link, but be prepared to pay $19.95 to watch the entire day’s worth of races. And, if you’re not sure that’s a good deal, check out the videos and Pikes Peak fan guide (below and above, respectively) and see if they get you in a peak-ish mood. Enjoy!


Pikes Peak Promo Video


Sebastien Loeb’s Pikes Peak Record Run

Source | Images: PPIHC, the Gazette.