It’s cute, electric, and– at just $5700– surprisingly affordable. It’s the kind of thing Americans see when in Asia and wonder why we can’t have it here. In this case, however, we can! It’s called the Pickman, and this tiny electric truck is coming to a job site near you!

The Pickman made by China’s Kaiyun Motors and comes with a 5.5HP electric motor that’s good for hauling up to 1100 lbs., a top speed of 28 MPH (though, probably not at the same time), and a 75 mile driving range. It’s not much, but it’s more than enough to get around a job site and creep quietly through suburban neighborhoods– which is bound to be a huge selling point to contractors and municipalities. When you factor in optional upgrades like hard doors and climate controls (think of a fully loaded-up GEM), the little Pickman start looking pretty good.

According to a number of reports, Kaiyun Motors has all the necessary approvals to start selling the vehicle in the ‘States, and has plans to sell as many as 10,000 units before 2019 is out. If that sounds optimistic, that’s because it probably is. It seems especially optimistic considering municipalities’ tendency towards buying domestic products. But, hey– if I can sell Honda Pioneers to city governments in Illinois, I’m sure Kaiyun can figure it out, too.

What do you think, dear readers? Is the little Pickman going to make it big in America, or will hybrid and electric pickups like the Via offer enough of an upgrade to justify their 20x higher price tags? Let us know, in the comments.


Source | Images: Fox News, via Flipboard; Topspeed.