The BMW tuning gurus at Performance Design Unlimited (PDU) seem to have caught on to the E85 performance potential of the N55 turbo engines found in the latest “x35i” model BMWs. Their latest offering to build power for their customers is a port fuel injection kit that makes the cars 100% E85 compatible.


BMW N55 E85 Fuel Injection Kit

With proper tuning, an E85-fueled N55 BMW can run significantly more boost than a similar car running conventional gasoline. The high-octane fuel also allows for the efficient use of even larger aftermarket turbos, and can help push N55 BMW builds to well over 500 HP. “Determining a proper and complete fueling strategy is crucial when running higher boost levels/upgraded turbo on the N55 platform,” reads the PDU website. “Utilizing the PDU PI Kit is the key factor in your fueling strategy equation.”

Yeah- obviously PDU is going to talk up their own kit. Still, other tuners have gone down the E85 route with great success with Porsche and Mercedes-Benz platforms. Don’t forget, also, that IndyCar has been running its 800 HP turbocharged V8s on the high-octane corn juice for years, as well … so, maybe the guys at PDU are really on to something, here.

What do you guys think- will PDU find a bunch of BMW owners who want to push the horsepower envelope any way they can, or is a kit like this something the BMW guys will shun? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments section, below. Enjoy!


Source | Images: PDU, via BoostAddict.