This Detonator electric chopper is long, low, and lust-worthy. If Wired’s fact-checkers are to believed, however, it’s also a totally unauthorized copy of someone else’s work … and if that’s not a problem already, I imagine it soon will be.

The Detonator seen here was built by Parker Bros. customs, who gained notoriety earlier this year for their Tron-inspired “lightcycle” replicas and adult-size “Green Machine” big wheel trike. This
latest bike (shown) is an 11′ long electric chopper with a 30″ front wheel and dual 96V electric motors in the hub of the rear wheel. The chopper charges in an hour when plugged into a standard 110V outlet, and goes 80-100 miles between plug-ins. The Parkers are hoping the Detonator’s looks and numbers will be a big hit at Christmas, and they are taking orders … for a cool 100,000 USD.

This should be a happy story, but – as I mentioned – there’s a catch. The design is based heavily (entirely?) on this design by Dan Simon, a former VW designer and movie concept artist … and it doesn’t seem like Simon is too happy about the Detonator going to market without him.

Simon’s design firm moved quickly, last week, issuing a same-day, single paragraph statement in heavy legalese that read:

“There is no connection between a Florida-based motorcycle company and Daniel Simon / Cosmic Motors LLC. No designs were authorized or licensed to be used and sold by that company. Daniel Simon was not involved in the development of that product and has never worked with or for that company.”

The above, by the way, is lawyer for “Pay or die!” Let’s see who blinks first.

Source: Wired.