Clean-Vehicle Sales May Be Headed for a Slump in China

It may surprise our readers to learn that China, the undisputed heavyweight champion of pollution is also leading the world in sales of all-electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). China reported sales of 1.26 million EVs and PHEVs last year, up 61.7 per cent from 2017. This is in ...[Read More]

VW to Test Self-Charging Autonomous EVs

As first reported by The Verge, Volkswagen will be teaming up with Stable Auto, a California startup, to test self-charging autonomous all-electric vehicles (EV’s). The effort will be conducted under VW’s Electrify America project, an undertaking we mentioned earlier here. The goal of th...[Read More]

Hydrogen Fuel-cell Lexus LS for 2021 Spied

Lexus redesigned its flagship LS sedan for the 2019 model year, releasing it in ICE and hybrid versions. The hybrid version is good, but Lexus– and its parent company, Toyota– seem to be falling behind in the premium ZEV/EV race, though, especially considering the launch of the Hardware ...[Read More]

Columbus Yellow Cab Adds Several Tesla Model 3s to Its Fleet

As first reported by, Columbus Yellow Cab announced last week that it has purchased ten Tesla Model 3s to add to its fleet. The mid-sized taxi company currently owns about 170 cars, 20 of which are all-electric vehicles (EVs). These newest additions to the fleet demonstrate Columbu...[Read More]

JD Power Finds Americans Lack Confidence in EVs and Autonomous Vehicles

In a recent press release, J.D. Power (I guess he ditched his associates) revealed that consumers in the United States are not so sure about the future of self-driving vehicles or all-electric vehicles (EVs). According to the J.D. Power 2019 Mobility Confidence Index Study, only 36% of consumers thi...[Read More]

Tesla Pushes Software Update to Dog Mode

We recently told you about how Tesla released a software update to include a feature called Dog Mode just months after a tweet asking for feature that keeps the inside of the car at a comfortable temperature for pets and displays a message saying such. As if that turn around wasn’t impressive ...[Read More]

Brandon Nozaki Miller to Attempt Electric Iron Butt

Longtime friend of (and sometimes contributor to) Gas2, Brandon “the Electric Cowboy” Nozaki Miller is attempting to ride his motorcycle 1,000 miles in less than twenty four hours. It’s often called “the Iron Butt challenge” in the motorcycling world, and it’s a d...[Read More]

NIO and Razer Launch ES6 Night Explorer Electric SUV with 544HP

China is a magical place, where high-end carmakers spring up with exciting new products almost overnight– and with billions of real dollars in funding behind them. It was no different today in Shanghai, where Chinese electric automaker NIO partnered up with eSports equipment brand, Razer, to l...[Read More]

Installing a Fast Charger: Is It Worth It?

My mom made fun of me the last time she came to visit. The topic of conversation wasn’t my unfashionable clothes or my bad haircut but rather the charger that I use to charge my all-electric (EV) Nissan Leaf. You see, my mother is also a Leaf owner and unlike her plebeian son, has a fast-charg...[Read More]

Lucid Motors: A Company Profile

Lucid Motors (formerly known as Atieva Motors) made headlines earlier this month when it landed Peter Hochholdinger as its new Vice President of Manufacturing. Hochholdinger previously held the position of Tesla’s Head of Production. This isn’t the first time Lucid Motors has taken talen...[Read More]

Bentley Honey, a New Play on the New Flying B

Bentley is owned by Volkswagen. And– as Volkswagen is “turning over a new leaf” by putting a heavy emphasis on electrification, carbon neutral manufacturing, and corporate responsibility– so, too, must its children captive brands Audi, Porsche, and Bentley. The latest bid to ...[Read More]

Autonomous Cars, Level 0 to 5 Explained

Self-driving, autonomous cars occupy a weird space in the modern, American psyche. To some, they’re part of a futuristic, Utopian vision of safer, cleaner vehicles that could fundamentally change the nature of transportation ownership for the better. To others, they represent a bleak and soull...[Read More]

EVs and Electricity Bills

One of the most common questions I have gotten in 5 years as an EV owner is “how much did your electricity bill go up?” My short answer: it didn’t. When my husband and I moved into our single home with central air and an in-ground pool, we were shocked by the electricity bill. We c...[Read More]

Five Fantastic Failures Featuring Electric Cars

Like most Americans, I goof off at work. I’m fortunate in that the company I work for doesn’t block Youtube, and I take advantage of this generosity. During a recent youtube binge, I thought it would be a good idea to see what kind of electric car mishaps I could find. I found five gems ...[Read More]

New Senate Bill Includes $1 Billion for Clean Transportation

The U.S. Senate introduced a bill on Monday that will include funding for clean transportation and clean car infrastructure. The bill, which has been a promise of President Trump’s for several years is titled America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act of 2019 and will earmark up to $1 b...[Read More]