Learn How To Make Biodiesel On YouTube

Trying to learn how to make biodiesel, or interested in seeing how it’s done? It always helps to get a visual, and you may not be aware that there are currently enough biodiesel videos on YouTube to develop an entire college course on the subject. I’ve thrown out a representative sample,...[Read More]

376.59 MPG Car Found In Museum (It Was Built In 1959)

Think you need a hybrid to get great mileage? Try a souped-down 1959 Opel T-1. In another tribute to high-mileage car hacks, a man named Evan McMullen rediscovered a 1975 Guiness-World Record-Setting car that got 376.59 MPG. It was wasting away in a museum in Florida: That number doesn’t come ...[Read More]

6 Ways To Find And Use Biodiesel Anywhere (Part II)

The first part of this guide should give you some good resources for finding biodiesel at home and on the road. But don’t think you have to rely on retail biodiesel to get by. Homemade (aka “homebrew”) biodiesel may be available in your area, or you may be inclined to make your own...[Read More]

6 Ways To Find And Use Biodiesel Anywhere (Part I)

Looking to find a source of biodiesel? Perhaps you followed my previous post, 7 Steps To Buying A Diesel, or maybe you already have a vehicle and feel it’s time to boycott OPEC oil. Either way, this guide will help you figure out how to get from A to B exclusively on biodiesel. Part II (option...[Read More]

How to Get 76 MPG

Want to get 76 mpg in your gas-guzzler? We don’t need new technology to save us, just a little ingenuity. After a few minor tweaks, Ernie Rogers can get up to 76 mpg in his 2003 VW diesel Beetle. He drove 1375 miles…[on] just 18 gallons of fuel – 1200 miles of which was accomplishe...[Read More]