New York City to Buy 70,000 New Electric Cars

[social_buttons] A study came out today saying that electric cars–both battery electric and plug-in hybrids–would make up as much as 16-percent of new car sales in New York City come 2015. That’s roughly 70,000 vehicles. But what’s driving these EV sales? Governments are expe...[Read More]

Westfield Sportscars Developing Electric iRacer

PRESS RELEASE   WESTFIELD SPORTSCARS JOIN EV CUP Westfield Sportscars join EV Cup with their innovative electric race car, the iRACER. Westfield’s iRACER is a track focused electric vehicle designed and engineered to support a growing demand for zero emission sports cars. With a target to...[Read More]

Garmin ecoRoute Charts How “Green” Your Driving Is

Press Release Garmin® ecoRoute™ hd transforms your nüvi into a real-time onboard diagnostics computer OLATHE, Kan./January 5, 2010/Business Wire – Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, today introduced ecoRoute hd, an easy-t...[Read More]

Baby Prius to Debut Next Week in Detroit

At next weeks Detroit show Toyota will debut a baby Prius, a tiny version of the Prius hybrid that comprises 75% of Toyota's hybrid sales.

Th!nk Chooses Elkhart, Indiana, To Build City Electric Car for U.S.

[social_buttons] After a long process of on-again, off-again pseudo confirmations of potential sites, Norwegian EV company Th!nk has officially chosen Elkhart, Indiana, as the location of its U.S. electric car manufacturing facility. For a company that, as recently as a year ago, was swirling in the...[Read More]

Luxgen Electric Minivan Promises To “Think Ahead”

[social_buttons] Aside from lithium-ion batteries, cell phones and electric cars don’t have all that much in common. Or do they? A new luxury electric minivan from Luxgen, a Taiwanese company, was unveiled at the Dubai International Auto Show (irony?). It utilizes the same technology found in ...[Read More]

Toyota to Become First Vertically Integrated EV Company With Solar Charging Stations

[social_buttons] Pictured above is a solar charging station under development by Toyota. The company has plans to open the first of 21 in the Spring of 2010, signaling a move by Toyota to become a vertically integrated company. First, make the plug-in car. Then, build the charging station that it pl...[Read More]

Siemens to Test Six Minute Charging For EVs on 33% Wind Powered Grid

[social_buttons] Sven Holthusen runs the EDISON project at Siemens’ Energy Sector in the Denmark branch of the international engineering giant. The EDISON project is working on raising charging power to as much as 300 kW so that batteries can be recharged on the go, in as little as six minutes. The ...[Read More]

EV Subsidy Boost to $30,000 For Heavy Trucks Will Benefit Smith Electric Vehicles

The Kohl-Hatch Heavy Duty Truck Hybrid Tax Credit Bill S. 2854, would extend federal tax credits to $30,000 per truck to purchasers of electric trucks in weight classes like Smith Electric Vehicles U.S 8 ton Edison.

Prius Brake Failure Complaints Rising as Toyota Prepares to Launch New Subcompact Hybrid

This has been the worst year Toyota has ever had for recalls (4.8 million), but so far its reputation for quality seems to be weathering the storm. Even with the sudden acceleration issues, rust problems, deaths, and Toyota’s generally poor handling of it all, consumers so far seem to be willi...[Read More]

Last Chance For a Half-Priced Tesla Ends Dec 31

Now might be a good time to hop in your jet and pop back to your ski vacation home in Colorado and pick up a surefire winner of a green Christmas stocking stuffer: a nice little 2009 Tesla Roadster that runs on electrons. Gasoline cars are just so 20th century. And Colorado...

Volvo Bringing Updated Electric C30 To Detroit, Will Start Trials in 2011

[social_buttons] Last September, Volvo introduced a proof of concept version of its all-electric C30 compact car. That car was more of a novelty than anything else; but now Volvo has done up the interior and added a complete set of instruments to bring the C30 EV to the prototype stage of a distant ...[Read More]

All Electric Grand Prix Coming To Paris Next Year

[social_buttons] Most of the technology we take for granted in our daily drivers had to work a long, harrowing course on the race track before every making it to our driveways. The money and competition that fuels high speed races often perfects technology on the track before making it to market. Th...[Read More]

With Plug-Ins and Hybrids Dominant, Is Diesel Dead in the U.S.? | Popular Mechanics

This year’s LA Auto Show is buzzing with real-life and concept hybrid and all-electric cars. But in the clean diesel corner, the crickets were chirping. Will Americans ever be ready for clean diesels? This post originally appeared on the Popular Mechanics website. You can access the original p...[Read More]

With New Battery, Nissan Plans to Double EV Range by 2015

[social_buttons] In a breakthrough that might change a few minds about the battery-swap concept, Nissan says that they have succeeded in tests that would extend the range of the LEAF and other electric cars up to 186 miles on each charge, almost double today’s range with an improved battery. N...[Read More]