Biodiesel Mythbuster 2.0: Twenty-Two Biodiesel Myths Dispelled

Most of us are at least vaguely familiar with biodiesel, but how much do we really know? While biodiesel is easily the most popular alternative fuel available, it’s commonly misunderstood or misrepresented by inaccurate information. Since the most frequent question I get is, “So what exa...[Read More]

Ford Ditches Petroleum-Based Seats For Soy; Green Production Cuts 600,000 lbs. of CO2

Ford Motor Company will be replacing up to 40% of their petroleum-based seat cushions with a new material made from soybean oil. “Soy foam” costs roughly the same to manufacture as traditional petroleum derivatives, but requires less energy to produce and may reduce environmental impacts...[Read More]

2015: 30% of US Corn Harvest Will Be Gasoline

Green Car Congress reported earlier this week, ethanol production is up 37% for the first quarter of 2008. Ethanol plants in the US are now pumping out approximately 21.4 million gallons of corn-based ethanol every day, which has already amounted to 1.9 billion gallons for the year. The upshot of al...[Read More]

Without Clean Electricity, Plug-In Vehicles aren’t So Hot

This is something I (and a lot of other people) have been wondering about for a while in regards to plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs, like the Chevy Volt) and pure electric vehicles (EVs, like the Lightning GT and Subaru R1e). PHEVs are not a new thing, and they have been discussed on Gas2.0 before,...[Read More]

Canada Unleashes First Carbon Tax in N. America

[social_buttons] British Columbia will be the first in North America to institute a comprehensive carbon tax on nearly all fossil fuels. It’s a groundbreaking move that could prove the feasibility of taxing greenhouse-gas emissions. Beginning July 1st, 2008, businesses and residents of British...[Read More]

Algae Could Be Major Hydrogen Fuel Source

[social_buttons] While the first algae-to-biofuels facility went online today, scientists at Argonne National Labs are manipulating the photosynthetic super-organism for another use: creating hydrogen. Algae grows prolifically in adverse conditions, and can store large amounts of oils or starches us...[Read More]

First Algae Biodiesel Plant Goes Online: April 1, 2008

PetroSun won’t be making fuel immediately, but plans on either building or acquiring ethanol and biodiesel production plants. They’ve conveniently located themselves in an area accessible by barge, which should make fuel distribution a snap. An aerial view (Google maps) of the algae farm...[Read More]

How Diesel Exhaust Affects Your Brain

As if it wasn’t bad enough that particulate matter from diesel exhaust causes a range of respiratory problems including 15,000 premature deaths each year, new research shows that even short-term exposure to nanoparticles found in diesel fumes can affect brain function. Nanoparticles can travel...[Read More]

Top 15 Unexpected Uses For Biodiesel

[social_buttons] While virtually everyone is familiar with the use of biodiesel as a substitute for diesel fuel, there are a few novel uses that may not have crossed your radar. Biodiesel can produce hydrogen, clean up oil spills, degrease your tools, heat your home, and more. Here’s My Top 15...[Read More]

How Biodiesel Fuel-Cells Could Power The Future (And Your Car)

[social_buttons] After years of development, the Washington-based company InnovaTek is testing a hand-sized microreactor that can convert virtually any liquid fuel into hydrogen, producing a portable hydrogen stream for use in adjoining fuel-cells. Since the microreactor units can be linked together...[Read More]

Car and Driver Increase Pinto Fuel Economy with $11 of Ecomods

Recently Darin at EcoModder dug up a Car and Driver article from the middle of the US gas crisis in 1974. It may be a little dated, but considering recent gas price increases these kinds of DIY hacks are becoming relevant once again. The material prices may be a little different, the cars may be a l...[Read More]

Switchgrass Could Displace 30% of US Petroleum Usage With 94% GHG Reduction

In January, USDA researchers completed a five-year evaluation of another biofuel feedstock with the potential to make a serious dent in US petroleum usage. In the largest study to date, switchgrass has been shown to produce 540% more energy than was used to grow, harvest, and process it into cellulo...[Read More]

The World’s Most Fuel Efficient Car: 285 MPG, Not A Hybrid

[UPDATE 9/15/09]: Volkswagen’s Diesel-Hybrid L1 Concept Gets 170 MPG, Available by 2013 Welcome Google search visitors: This is just one of many articles produced here on a daily basis on Gas 2.0. If you find this post interesting, sign up for our RSS feed and stay up to date. This is what a team of...[Read More]

Sick of Gas?: Convert Your Car To Run On Electricity

If you can’t buy the car you want, then build it. Gregg Abott (aka Gadget) custom-converts cars for a living, but instead of tricking out cars to run on biodiesel or get better mileage, he’s hacking them to run on electricity. He’s the owner of Left Coast Electric, a Santa Monica b...[Read More]

Study: Your Car Can Run On 20% Ethanol

A University of Minnesota study found that using higher blends of ethanol (20%) blended into gasoline did not cause damage or cause performance problems when used in standard gasoline engines. Over half the gasoline sold in the US is already blended with 10% ethanol (E10), but higher blends were tho...[Read More]