Last year I was a little taken aback when Koenigsegg teamed up with NLV Solar to showcase the Quant at the Geneva car show. While some Koenigsegg supercars supported biofuels (and actually made more horsepower on them), they never struck me as much of a green company. The car they designed was definitely influenced by their line of supercars.

Well the Quant has returned to Geneva in 2010, and is more than just a pretty concept sitting on a pedestal. Though their current relationship with Koenigsegg is unclear, NLV says they should have a running prototype up this year, with a full production model slated for 2012.

The best way to describe the Quant is “quirky.” The plan is for it to be the first production four-seater car with a carbon-fiber chassis, making it super strong, super light, and likely super expensive. The Quant has a futuristic styling all its own, and the gullwing doors add a certain level of pizazz to the quirky four seater.

Designed as a 100% electric car, the Quant actually covers its entire body in a thin, micro-solar panel film for passive electrical charging. Propulsion is provided by a 150 kilowatt motor, which is about 200 horsepower. With the carbon-fiber chassis, the Quant should weigh in at under a ton, despite seating two. While this won’t provide supercar speed, it should be plenty quick for most people.

NLV should provide more details on the Quant at its official unveiling at the Geneva Auto Show, which starts next week.

Source: NLV Solar