The last time we encountered one of the Switzer boys’ 1700 HP “Goliath” brand Nissan GTRs, the 4100 lb. full-weight car was blasting across a quarter mile line in a record-setting (for ethanol powered street cars) 8.4 seconds at more 180 MPH. It’s one thing to set a time and speed on a closed, controlled, and sticky racetrack, however. It’s quite another thing entirely to run at sustained triple-digit speeds on public roads – which makes the 237.1 MPH run shown, above, an incredible achievement.

The blue car shown here, a 2015 Nissan GTR, was prepped by the crew at Oberlin, Ohio-based Switzer Performance earlier this year, and made the epic run at the Sun Valley Road Rally, which closes off sections of low-traffic highway in order to allow exotic sports cars to really stretch their legs and draw attention to the Blaine County Community Drug Coalition. The coalition runs a “High Risk Mentoring Program and Idaho Drug Free Youth, a drug prevention program in the middle-school and high school, offering leadership activities, with youth members pledging to be drug-free and agreeing to be drug tested.”

Sounds great, but we’re all about Switzer’s Goliath Nissan GTR unleashing the power of low-emissions ethanol on an unrestricted highway! The 237.1 MPH run was one of the weekend’s fastest, with the Switzer crew quick to point out that their Goliath performance package has already proven itself at 250 MPH and beyond. “The car is geared to 280 MPH, as it is,” explained Neil Switzer, in an online chat about the car. “We have a gear set coming in that should give the car a theoretical 300 MPH top speed. If we can keep the tires from melting off.”

Sounds interesting.


250 MPH Moscow “Goliath” GTR


Source | Images: Switzer Performance.


Full disclosure: Switzer Performance has sponsored Gas 2 in the past, and we’ve known the Switzer boys for years both personally and professionally. That said, the stopwatch doesn’t lie. Good job, guys!