Nissan R36 GTR Hybrid

Nissan is pushing hybrid technology to its limits with its Nismo ZEOD RC LeMans racer set to challenge this year’s 24 hour race from the experiment “Garage 56” starting position. Next year, though, Nissan will run the full WEC season with an as-yet-unrevealed LMP hybrid … and the high-tech bits from that car will see street duty in the 2016 Nissan R36 GTR.

While details on Nissan’s 2015 contender are scarce, its 2014 entry is already on the cutting edge – but Nissan execs are already saying that 2015 will see something “a little bit different” to what Audi, Porsche, and Toyota are doing.

What will that be?

No idea – but we can play the (somewhat educated) guessing game, right? Will it be electric turbochargers in keeping with the Nissan GTR’s existing digital reputation? What about a hybrid turbocharger like Porsche’s? Maybe we’ll finally see a practical application of ZF’s SmartShock technology – which would make sense in a car that has sporting intentions AND tips the scales at nearly 2 tons.

What do you guys think Nissan has up it sleeve for LeMans and its 2016 Nissan GTR? Something wild, or something more Morgan-ish (which, for LeMans, is pretty conventional)? Let us know, in the comments.


Source | Photos: Autospies, Freshalloy.