Tesla continues to get more free advertising than any company in history thanks to the magic of cheap video cameras and YouTube. In the past few days, a Model X set a new world record for an SUV at the drag strip — humbling a half million dollar Lamborghini in the process — and a 97 year old man got his first ride in a Model S. Both videos make for entertaining watching.

Tesla Model X P100DL Versus Lamborghini Aventador SV

Tesla Model X world record

Drag Times recently took a Tesla Model X P100D with Ludicrous to Palm Beach International Raceway, where it faced off against a Lamborghini Aventador SV. Here’s the specs. The Model X weighs 5,400 lbs. It sends 924 lb-ft of torque and 588 horsepower to all four wheels. List price is $165,000. The Lamborghini weighs 4,200 lbs and features a 750 horsepower V12 gasoline engine driving all four wheels through a 7 speed transmission. It lists for $530,000.

Put them side by side, start the timing tree, and watch them duke it out through the quarter mile. When they trip the lights at the other end, the Model X beats the Lambo by 0.05 seconds. Later in the day, the Tesla established the current world record time for an SUV at 11.418 seconds.

An experienced race watcher will notice a couple of things. First, the Tesla did not have a full battery charge for any of its runs. The people at Drag Times think the car will be even quicker if it runs with a fully charged battery. Second, in the first race, the Lamborghini bogs down at the start and experiences wheel hop off the line. In a competition where results are measured in thousandths of a second, little things like that are the difference between winning and losing.

Later in the day, a Model S P100DL faces off against the same Lamborghini and gets stomped because the Tesla driver total blows the start and lets the Lambo get part way down the track before he can find the go pedal, proving once again that drag racing is as much about reaction time and traction off the line as raw power.

In the end, drag racing results have little to nothing to do with everyday driving except for those who delight in stop light grand prix competition. But they do give Tesla more free advertising than any other car company in history. That as much as anything else makes executives at other car companies tear their hair out.

Grandpa Goes For A Sunday Drive

Ranking high on the feel good scale, a man takes his 97 year old grandfather for his first ever ride in an electric car — a Tesla Model S. Predictably, the codger is suitably impressed with the rocket sled masquerading as a mild mannered street car. Like many folks, the older man is skeptical about a car that needs to be recharged and is unfamiliar with the Tesla Supercharger network.

His first reaction once the car starts in motion is how quiet it is. When the driver gives him a taste of the instant acceleration, he chortles, :You gotta have a parachute to drive this car!” The whole video is cute and folksy. Watch as it completely wins over this sprightly nonagenarian.