electric dune buggy

A few months ago, we posted a video of the great Bruce Meyers driving one of Zelectric’s electric Volkswagen Beetles. Bruce was mostly positive about the experience, but stopped just short of endorsing the product – and now we know why: the Bruce Meyers Manx V is out, and it’s 100% electric.

Dubbed “New Red”, this electric dune buggy can be driven on public roads with speed limits up to 25 mph (making it street legal as an NEV, or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle). That’s probably not quick enough for your everyday commute, but it just might be fast enough to get you around the hotels and pubs of Key West or Hawaii, or the beach towns of Southern California.

The New Red electric dune buggy uses Arizona-based Rev-Tec’s electric drivetrain. You can check out the Manx V chassis in action, in the video, below, and head on over to Jalopnik for more photos of Bruce Meyers’ latest. Enjoy!


REV-TEC Electric Drivetrain


Manx V Electric Dune Buggy

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