A new Ford F150 hybrid produced by XLHybrids promises to improve the vehicle’s fuel economy by up to 50% without significantly impacting utility, downtime, or affecting the factory warranty. We’ve covered XLHybrids’ work, before, but it’s worth bringing up again as CES 2018 rolls around and Ford’s F150 pickup line continues to dominate global sales charts.

It’s because Ford’s truck is so pervasive and common that any attempt to improve its fuel economy becomes hugely important. A 1 MPG improvement across 400,000 new trucks, for example, would save millions of gallons of fuel over the lifetime of those trucks. And, since Ford’s own rumored hybrid pickup seems to still be a few years off, I figured XLHybrids’ version might be something to get excited about- especially since it seems to still meet the requirements for a federal tax rebate!

Here’s hoping all the fleet managers out there see XL’s marketing stuff, below, and do what they can to help cut carbon emissions and improve fuel economy. Even if, you know, Ford doesn’t seem willing to do their part to help the environment.


New Ford F150 Hybrid by XLHybrids | Video

Source | Images: NGT News, XLHybrids.