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New Chevy LUV is Coming to America + Super Gallery (13 Photos)

New Chevy LUV is Coming to America + Super Gallery (13 Photos)


Chevy is building a new LUV. That’s the buzz over at Jalopnik, anyway, where Jason Torchinsky claims he was able to pry a few slivers of information from the loose lips of GM designers. He’s right. Chevy is definitely building a new LUV, and it’s going to look a lot like the tiny trucklet you see here: the made-in-Brazil Chevrolet Montana LUV.

In places like Latin America, where full-size pickups never became a thing, small trucks like the original Chevy LUV and S10 (which, by the way, is also still in production) are the lifeblood of local economies. As the American economy comes to more closely resemble the economies of Europe and Central/South America in the coming decades, it’s reasonable to believe a small pickup based on an economical and sporty Chevy Sonic would do well here- especially with the ever-growing army of American cyclists, rising fuel and insurance costs, and the “white elephant” status many trucks and SUVs have with urban millennials.

A tiny pickup, though? A tiny pickup called the Chevy LUV!? That would be cool. In fact, the more I think about it- if I could get one of these for around $20K with a 1500 lb. tow PKG installed at the factory, I’d be a player. Like, not even a player- I’d be a buyer. What about you guys? Take a look at the pictures below, check out my Chevy Sonic review, then let us know if you’d be a member of the $20,000 Chevy LUV club.














Sources | Photos: Chevy Brazil, Jalopnik.

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