Chevy is building a new LUV. That’s the buzz over at Jalopnik, anyway, where Jason Torchinsky claims he was able to pry a few slivers of information from the loose lips of GM designers. He’s right. Chevy is definitely building a new LUV.

In places like Latin America, where full-size pickups never became a thing, small trucks like the original Chevy LUV and S10  are the lifeblood of local economies. As the American economy comes to more closely resemble the economies of Europe and Central/South America in the coming decades, it’s reasonable to believe a small pickup based on an economical and sporty Chevy Sonic would do well here. This is especially true when considering with the ever-growing army of American cyclists, rising fuel and insurance costs, and the “white elephant” status many trucks and SUVs have with urban millennials.

A tiny pickup though? A tiny pickup called the Chevy LUV!? That would be cool. In fact, the more I think about it – if I could get one of these for around $20K with a 1500 lb. tow PKG installed at the factory, I’d be a player. Like, not even a player – I’d be a buyer. What about you guys? Take a look at the pictures below, check out my Chevy Sonic review, then let us know if you’d be a member of the $20,000 Chevy LUV club.













Source | Images: Chevy Brazil, Jalopnik.