He’s weather-beaten and leathery, and maybe doesn’t sound quite as good as he did back when Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World introduced him to the Gen Xers, but Neil Young has some serious green credentials. From his home-built chopper to his 2009 “concept” album about electric cars, Neil lets his green flag fly- and he’s putting whatever’s left of his Rock n’ Roll rage up against Canada’s tar sand-derived oil.

The Canadian tar sands operation in Alberta is widely considered one of the most environmentally destructive cash-grabs in history. Those who support it will likely be remembered as hateful robber-barons of the first order who fought against electric cars and pushed back against such “bullies” as the Bishop Desmond Tutu. Neil Young strikes me as a bit tougher than that old man of the cloth, so here’s hoping he punches an oil exec in the face sooner than later.

You can read more about Young’s tour against the tar sands in this article, which originally appeared on our sister site, Planetsave. Enjoy!