NBA Mike Conley Picks A Tesla Over Ferrari And Range Rover

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After test driving both a Ferrari 458 Spider and a Range Rover, Conley made the obvious decision and went with the Tesla Model S. He’ll be among the first NBA players to own the electric luxury sedan, and he’s helping establish Tesla as an automobile to aspire to.

With Lance Fresh along for the ride, Conley explains how back in “the day”, the car he aspired to own as a NBA star was always a Range Rover. But after spending some seat time in both the Ferrari and the Range Rover, Conley spent time driving the Tesla. It admittedly took the point guard some time to get used to the silence of the Tesla, but he eventually realized the electric luxury sedan was “something special.”

“The next time you see me, I’ll have one,” he said regarding the Model S. Conley joins a growing population of Tesla fans and owners, which includes the likes of Johnny Depp and Jay Z. With Tesla poaching sales from established luxury automakers, and big names choosing the Model S over even a Ferrari, no wonder the status quo is feeling a little shaken up.

As for Conley? What else can I say other than the point guard has great taste in automobiles.

Source: Bleacher Report

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