MULE tilting electric trike

For the moment, Anton Brousseau is a design student at Toronto’s Humber College. Once people get a load of the kid’s wild, open, leaning EV concept, however, he might become the next big thing in electric motorcycle design. Don’t take my word for it, however- skip ahead to the photo gallery, below, and feast your eyes on the insanity. I’ll wait.

Do you see what I mean?

The MULE is designed to be a fully-open EV that leans into turns with a push-me/pull-me steering system that keeps the rider (pilot?) fully engaged. It’s a system that will be familiar to recumbent trike riders and tank commanders, but one with enough novelty to get new riders “into” the idea that the MULE offers a unique riding experience that – unlike the Can-Am Spyder trike – isn’t terrible.

Brousseau claims the MULE, if it ever gets built, will have an 80-mile, all-electric range and the ability to carry two, full-size saddle bags with you as you lane-split your way to bike nutter glory. That should give the concept a cargo capacity similar to a modern adventure-touring bike- which is to say: quite a lot.

The only thing missing from Brousseau’s concept to make it a commercial success, really, is a passenger seat- because what good is a bada**, futuristic bike concept if you can pick people up with it? “Hey, babe- why don’t I meet you at your place? Eh?” Who knows? Maybe that works in Canada …


MULE Concept Art Gallery







Sources | Images: Tuvie, via EV World and Motorpasión.