Looking for the best way to do the electric slide? Apparently, it’s with an electric sled… the MTT-136, developed by Quebec’s Yvon Martel, to be exact.

Well, I say sled but in reality it’s pretty much whatever you want it to be. The beauty of the MTT-136 (“My Track Technology”) is in its simplicity. In its most elementary design, the 280 lb. machine includes an electric motor and a battery pack surrounded by an aluminum housing that is in turn, wrapped in a tractor-esque rubber track. Attached to the rear of the MTT-136 is a handlebar, similar to what you would find on a lawn mower, with the MTT being maneuvered in a comparable way to one.

The MTT is seen throughout much of the demo video connected to a sled-type platform pulling along its passengers at an undefined, but adequate looking pace. As fun as this looks, what I find more intriguing are the multitude of other uses Martel has found for his invention. The MTT-136 is seen operating on dry land as well as snow, opening up a plethora of additional uses. He pulls logs, goes down stairs, cuts through knee deep snow and pushes a car (a Pontiac Montana in neutral on snow) to show what his creation can do.

Martel, a native of Quebec, is seeking out manufacturers to help provide the opportunity to put his MTT-136 electric sled into the hands of businesses, consumers and the military alike. He has been developing this all-weather, all-terrain vehicle for the past four years. Specs are semi-limited on this amazing little workhorse, but it is shown pulling 3 large “sleds” full of logs with 2 average size males sitting on top. Despite the oft-frigid temperatures of Canada, Canadians have proven remarkably adept at adopting electric vehicles of every shape and size.

Depending on battery choices and a 15 minute to 8 hour charge time, the MTT can do between 28 and 130 miles of whatever you decide. A fold flat handle allows the vehicle to not only fit in the back of a minivan but also to slip under low-hanging objects while in motion.

The demo shows a number of conceptual ideas that Martel appears to be working on such as a mini-plow, 110v power inverter, a single-wheel pull behind platform and add-on storage options. There are mentions of several additional models, as well. The snowmobile style “S” model complete with front skis and a “T” model with a utility bed.

Unfortunately, Yvon Martel is still on the lookout for prospective manufacturers, but if the all-electric winter mini-tank can make it into production, surely this Canadian contraption has a chance.

Source: YouTube | AutoBlog