The Energica Ego Corsa race bike that’s set to become the basis for MotoGP’s electric support series got put through its paces last weekend ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix at Motegi. It got a real test, too– in the hands of 1993 FIM 250cc World Champion rider Tetsuya Harada.



In addition to being the ’93 champion, Harada raced at the highest level for over a decade– so it’s worth hearing his take on the bike. Of course, it’s incredibly positive. To be fair, though, Harada was already a fan, even before the MotoGP test at Motegi.

“First of all, I would very much like to thank Energica and Dorna for giving me this wonderful opportunity, and I am really excited to be riding this exciting race bike”, said Harada, in the days leading up to the test. “In 2002, the last year I competed, this kind of machine didn’t exist but I’m now very curious to see how it will respond on the circuit and what type of performance it provides. Moreover, in these times when pollution and global warming are becoming bigger and more prominent issues, I think that it is very important that in motor racing there is awareness on the part that everyone can play in running with clean energy. In fact, I am planning to give sports-riding courses on this type of bike to encourage people to ride them and help reduce air pollution. Finally, and above all, I am really looking forward to riding in front of the wonderful Japanese racing fans after such a long time!”

You can check out the official MotoGP video of the test at this link, and let us know what you guys think of MotoGP’s upcoming electric racing series in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Fair warning: the video is loud, so watch that speaker volume!


Source | Images: MotoGP, via Twitter.