A group of eleven (11) enraged Tesla Model 3 owners blocked the entrance to the company’s factory in Tilburg, Netherlands in protest of Tesla Motors’ (NASDAQ: TSLA) price drop on its Model 3 sedan. The Model 3 protestors even went so far as to show up wearing red vests as a way to invoke the Yellow Vest Movement currently influencing policies in France.

That’s the key concept here: influence. At least, that’s the way one Red Vest protestor seemed to be leaning when he took to the European Tesla Model 3 Blog and wrote, “Today I participated in the so-called “Red vests action against Tesla” at the Tesla Factory & Delivery Center in Tilburg. Together with 10 other Model 3 owners from the Netherlands and Belgium, and with interest from the media, we have tried to get attention in a positive way with the aim of motivating Tesla to fulfill its agreements and to get long-paid AP & FSD functions activated … The majority concerns Tesla Model 3 owners to whom Tesla has given the commitment to activate Autopilot for free (an option that costs € 3200) and / or to whom the more advanced Full Self Driving package (FSD is an option that costs € 6400) is offered at a discount. There are also Tesla Model 3 owners who have bought and paid for Autopilot or Autopilot + FSD, and who have been waiting for activation for months.”


“Red Vests” Planning their TSLA Protest

In the same perfectly normal and not-at-all reminiscent of Karen screaming at the poor cashier because the sweater she bought Tuesday went on sale the following Saturday screed, this same “Red Vester” complains that the price of his Tesla Model 3 dropped some 5% mere hours after he placed his order. Which, you know– that’s a shame, I guess.

Granted, we’ve been quiet for a while as we’ve transitioned from Gas2.org over to our new home at enrg.io– and I don’t speak for everyone here, either– but this whole protest seems a bit silly. Early adopters of new technology have, for decades, paid more for the privilege of being the first kids on the block to own a Sega Genesis Tesla Model 3. That, combined with the fact that last season’s s*** always goes on sale after a few weeks, anyway, has me feeling like these Red Vest guys need more productive things to do with themselves.

That’s just me, though– what do you guys think? Do the Tesla protestors have a legitimate point, or are they spoiled white dudes with thin skin and too much free time? Let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the post and, you know, welcome back!


Source | Images: European Tesla Model 3 Blog, via Electrek.