Talk to anyone at Mercedes-Benz, and they’ll tell you that their S Class sedan is the best car in the world.  Unfortunately, “the Best Car in the World” was trademarked long ago – by Rolls Royce, and people like Freddy Mercury, John Lennon, and Lawrence of Arabia (who drove his Rolls Royce into war) have stepped up and paid several S Class’ worth for the privilege of driving a Rolls.

So, here we are in 2011 (an era where green is rapidly becoming king) and Mercedes is about to update its flagship S Class.  What does Mercedes need to do in order to convince the world’s super-rich that their new S is the standard against which all other hyper-lux cars are measured?  Mercedes announced a clean diesel S350 fitted with the company’s advanced ECO start-stop technology … which was almost immediately upstaged by Rolls’ news of a new, silky-smooth, impossibly-quiet, and fully electric Rolls Royce, scheduled to hit the road sometime next year.

Q.  What now, Benz?

A.  silky-smooth, impossibly-quiet, and fully electric S Class Mercedes.

The electric S Class concept – in the style of the F800 (shown, above) is expected to follow Mercedes’ Smart EV city car as the firm’s second all-electric offering, with some kind of announcement expected from MB technical director, Thomas Weber, before the new S (shown in testing, below) bows at next year’s Geneva show.

Source:  Autocar, via Motorpasion.