True Cousins Racing’s Hans-Henrik Thomsen and Glenn Ellegaard Nielsen went to the drag strip at Mantorp Park in Sweden last week and did exactly what they had set out to do: set the 1/4 mile electric door slammer world record.

I was traveling from the Swedish capital Stockholm back to Denmark last weekend, and lucky for me, Mantorp Park was on the way. I arrived at 11:30 and a few minutes later I watched a Top-fuel dragster blow its head gasket right at the 1/8 mile mark after 3.4 seconds. The noise was body-shaking intense. The firefighters swiftly had the situation under control, and as soon as the track was cleared of debris, the speaker said he would now shut up and let us enjoy the silence because the next contender was electric. The world’s fastest electric drag bike, Silver Bullitt, made a short burnout and got ready to go.

The Silver Bullitt’s best run came in at 7.78 seconds with a top speed of 270 km/h (168 mph). That run was well short of beating Larry “Spiderman” McBride’s The Rocket, which the record of 6.94 in 2012. McBride is retired now, however. That makes the Silver Bullitt the fastest active electric drag bike in the world.

Hans-Henrik told me that earlier, he had the misfortune of braking too late and crashing into the gravel at the end of the track. Because of that, he’d had to take apart the bike completely. There was dirt everywhere! The run I saw was after reassembly. Wow. OK. A few minutes later, this happened …

True Cousins Electric Record Run

The TC-X electric door slammer made a perfect run at 7.98 seconds! Since the previous run was 7.99, this confirmed the new world record. Top speed was 274 km/h (170 mph). After that run, True Cousins can now claim the current fastest times on electric motorcycle and electric car at both 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile lengths.

The plan now is to modify the car to fit wider and taller rear tires so that the potential 1600 horsepower can be utilized, and to build a new bike with a large enough rear tire to handle 1000 horsepower — almost doubling the current power in order to break that 6.94 second record…

What I think is so great about all of this is the rough setup. We’re not talking Formula E with Facebook-induced power boosts, Roborace self-driving racers, Rimac supercars, or Tesla GT tech here. No, this is just a couple of dudes putting relatively simple hardware together to get a steel frame carrying a person the fastest possible way a quarter of a mile. When this electric niche of drag racing, stops being a niche, this is going to be wild!

Behind the Scenes at True Cousins Racing

Source | Images: Jasper Berggreen

By Jasper Berggreen, originally published at Cleantechnica.