As first reported by, CSC Motorcycles has introduced the Wiz, its newest offering in the electric scooter market. This new bike can seat two passengers and has a top speed of 43 mph, (although the company claims riders have achieved speeds of up to 50 mph under the right conditions).

The Wiz features a 2kWh motor and has a range of 30 to 40 miles on a full charge, making it optimal for short commutes. Retailing for a reasonable $2,495, the Wiz’s price won’t break the bank. The Wiz also features a decent sized trunk and a back rest for the passenger to maximize comfort.

CSC Owner Steve Seidner was quoted as saying: “Customers are very excited about the Wiz’s step-through scooter style, and a lot of people who have the City Slicker are now interested in the Wiz for their wife. Generally, there’s been a lot of interest from the female crowd on this bike.”

Shipments will be going out this week for Wiz customers who pre-ordered their bikes earlier this year.

CSC made headlines in April when it introduced its first electric motorcycle, the City Slicker to rave reviews. Like the Wiz, the City Slicker retails for $2,495 and is capable of achieving a 30 to 40 mile range.

Both the Wiz and the City Slicker can be purchased online and shipped for free to the buyer, making buying hassle-free. Both bikes come fully assembled and ready to ride!

Founded in 2010, CSC is based in Azusa, CA. The company serves as the American importer and distributor for Zongshen, a Chinese motorcycle company founded in 1992. Zongshen claims to have over 18,000 full-time employees and produce more than a million bikes per year.

Several bike enthusiasts posting to The Exhaust Notes Blog recently raised concerns about the potential lack of quality of Chinese-made motorcycles. In response, CSC released the following statement on their website:

“CSC Motorcycles include full warranties. CSC stocks EVERY part for every model. Parts can be shipped overnight, when necessary. Our Service Department is on call if you need assistance. Or you can choose to have your motorcycle serviced by a CSC Authorized Service Center. These independent motorcycle shops have been selected for their knowledge and experience. If there is not a CSC Authorized Service Center in your area, each CSC owner has the option of nominating their favorite local shop to join our network. CSC Authorized Service Centers also serve as in-coming freight and pre-delivery locations for new CSC Motorcycles.”

The company also states on their website that potential customers “Should understand that virtually all power-sports brands have manufacturing alliances in China. Other brands that rely on Chinese manufacturing include KTM, Vespa, BMW, Mercury Marine, Honda Marine plus “American” companies like Chevrolet.”

It is clear that CSC is making a valiant effort to overcome the stigma that is often attached to Chinese-made products. Their innovative distribution methods and thorough guarantees definitely inspire confidence.

Would anyone out there consider purchasing a Chinese-made electric scooter or motorcycle? Anyone own a CSC and wish to comment? Please leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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