The rumors surrounding the all-new Rimac C Two strained the imagination. It would have 2000 HP, they said. It would sprint from 0-60 MPH in less than two seconds, it would cross the finish line at a 1/4 mile drag strip in just 9 seconds and, given enough road, would hit the 300 km/h (186 MPH) mark less than 3 seconds later. It would, Rimac promised, be a world-beater- and, the kicker: it would be 100% electric.

Now, here it is. Meet the 1,914 HP, 1,696 TQ all-electric Rimac C Two. And, if I might comment on the general state of the supercar business, the only thing more impressive than its spec sheet- which includes a 258 top speed and a 400 mile driving range- is the fact that it’s actually nice to look at.

With this kind of follow-up supercar act and a lofty ambition to become a leading supplier of OEM EV components, Rimac, it seems, is the real deal. But Rimac isn’t stopping at big, bad EV bits. It’s pushing the boundaries in other areas, too.

To that end, Rimac has promised that each C Two would pack the computing power “of 22 MacBook Pro” laptops and deliver level 4 autonomous driving features. Keeping the car out of the wrong hands falls to advanced facial recognition software that can read your mood and adjust the car’s settings- thing like throttle response and traction control interference, probably- based on how you’re getting on behind the wheel. Which, you know, will probably help you not die.

None of that matters, though, because you and I will probably never get to drive one. I mean, I might- but I’ve lucked into so much track time behind the wheel of high-strung exotic cars already that the universe is probably going to cut me off soon, you know? Check out the 12-picture Rimac photo gallery, below, then let us know how you feel about Rimac’s odds of taking on Tesla in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Rimac C Two | 2000 HP Electric Hyper Car

Source | Images: Rimac, via Jalopnik.