What’s as fast as a Tesla Roadster, has more range than a Nissan Life, and costs about as much as a Chevy Volt? The answer is the Sora by Lito Green Motion, an electric motorcycle that’s just badass.

Lito Green Motion, based out of Barthélémy Longueuil, Quebec, Canada, built this bullet of a bike to have a top speed of 124 mph, or 200 kph. That’s just 1 mph shy of the Tesla Roadster’s electronically limited top speed of 125 mph. Power comes a 12 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack that puts down a claimed 708 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels, and while they don’t list a 0-60 mph time, I’m gonna go ahead and just say “pretty damn fast.”

What really helps this electric motorcycle stand out from the crowd is its claimed 185 miles of range. That’s probably “best case scenario,” but even a 100 mile range is something to brag about on an electric motorcycle. The Brammo Enertia Plus, which hasn’t hit showrooms yet, will yield around 80 miles of range, while the Empulse sport bike will have around 100 miles of range of a 100 mph top speed. The Brammo also lacks the 5.7-inch LCD touchscreen with integrated GPS, three-performance modes (performance, eco, and safe range), and the lightweight carbon fiber fairing and high-tech aluminum chassis.

Then again, the Enertia Plus will have a price around $10,000, and the Empulse a bit more, while the Batman of electric motorcycles will cost C$42,399, or about $43,750. Yee-ouch. Even with tax credits pooled in from different sources, you’re talking about a motorcycle with the price tag of a Chevy Volt, seating for one, and perhaps even a fill-in-the-blanks death certificate, ’cause ya might just kill yourself on this thing. It ain’t always cheap going green, but at least you can be quick about it if your pockets are deep enough. I’m glad to see the Canadians getting in on the electric motorcycle action. Maybe Jo can lay off the Canadians for a little while. Then again, maybe not.

Source: Lito Green Motion via Treehugger

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