It’s a thoroughly modern-sounding concept for those of us familiar with EVs: a motor mounted within the wheel of the vehicle. Except the bike you see here– despite being new– isn’t exactly based on a modern idea. It’s based, instead, on an idea from the 1930s had by a group of guys named Killinger and Fruend.

“After a sleepless night, I started surfing the net,” says Bobby Haas, of the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas (and this bike’s owner). “I came across grainy photographs of an Art Deco bike concocted by a group of German engineers in the 1930s.”


Killinger and Fruend Concept

Those grainy online photos captured Haas’ imagination. With his connections in the custom motorcycle world, he quickly settled on a builder– Craig Rodsmith– and commissioned a modern, functional take on that original 1930s concept. “When I proposed the idea of using this German contraption as the inspiration for a custom build, I could see the doubt in Craig’s eyes,” says Bobby. “Which was why I knew that Craig was the right person to execute this vision.”

The finished product, shown here, was dubbed “the Killer”. And, frankly, Craig Rodsmith was absolutely the right guy for this build. The bike looks absolutely incredible!

You can see of the neat details that went into the wheel-motored Killer in Craig Rodmith’s build photos, below. Once you’ve satisfied your curiosity, let us know what you think of the Killer in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Killer | Build Photos

Source | More Photos: Motorpasión, via Bike Exif.