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Me Gusta: Porsche Boxter S Ecologic Runs on LPG

Me Gusta: Porsche Boxter S Ecologic Runs on LPG
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The Spanish tuning house RBM Sport has developed a “bolt on” package that allows Porsche’s Boxster S to run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, or “autogas” in Europe).

Christened the Porsche Boxster “Ecologic,” the car can be started and run on conventional gasoline, and “switched” to LPG from inside the cabin. RBM claims the little Porsche loses just 10 peak hp (of 252) with no loss of torque, for a very similar driving experience.  Despite losing less than 5% of its peak horsepower, though, the Ecologic Porsche cuts nitrous oxide and other harmful emissions by 70%, along with a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions.

RBM mounts the LPG tank in the front “trunk” of the Boxster, with enough space still left over for a spare wheel and (recycled!) handbag. The rear trunk (the Boxster has 2 trunks) has been left alone, while the switch for the LPG system has been integrated seamlessly into the factory dashboard.

The price for integrating RBM Sport’s LPG fuel system with the OEM engine management system is 3,280 EU for a 6 cylinder motor; 4,280 EU for a V8, and 2,280 EU for a 4 cylinder, which doesn’t include the VAT.  Considering the difficulty many high-end tuning firms with storied histories have had “cracking” Porsche’s latest Siemens-produced DMEs, that actually seems pretty reasonable!

As for the LPG, the fuel has been in use since (at least) the 1940s as an alternative to gasoline and accounts for about 2% of America’s energy use.  So, while there is very little “new” about LPG as a fuel, its use in a performance car – with minimal negative impact in terms of performance! – is certainly good news … and if reasons like “really no downside” and “much, much cleaner” don’t make LPG interesting to you, at the very least I could argue that you should care about this story because Porsches are sexy, sexy things, and a much lovelier poster child for alternative fuels than GM’s “less awesome” Chevy Volt.  (This is true.  – Ed.)

Source | Photos:  RBM Sport, via MotorPasión

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