Tony Joseph has an absolutely awesome job. He’s the president of McLaren North America. As such, he knows a thing or two about McLaren’s future products- and, thankfully, that product lineup includes more P1-style hybrids, and zero hulking SUVs.

“We (McLaren) have been a company in existence for a long time prior to automotive and we’re a profitable company, so there’s really no need to go into SUVs,” Joseph told Automotive News during an interview last week, referring to the company’s long history as a racing team. “We want to concentrate just on two-seat sports cars and be known as the iconic sports car company.”

Joseph seemed to confirm that the company had plans to announce as many as fifteen new models or derivatives over the next five years, and that as many as half of those would be hybrids. He also confirmed that McLaren was “looking at” electric, but that a fully electric supercar from the company was unlikely to see full production before 2022.


McLaren Set to Launch Several Future Hybrids

Source | Images: McLaren Cars, via Automotive News.