Maxiscoot MXS 90

This is all in French, and Google’s translate tool can’t possibly be right. If it is, my fellow scooterists had better hold on to their feetie-socks, because this MXS 90 racing engine from Maxiscoot sounds like it’s ready to raise some serious Hell at next season’s Twist n’ Gone.

The specs sound insane, and Google insists the engine you’re hearing in the dyno video, below, is a Maxiscoot MXS 90 based “bi-cylinder” one-off. Does that make it a parallel twin? A 180 degree VTwin? Maybe it’s just a twin carb motor, and Google’s gone loony for high-horsepower scooter videos.

I don’t have those answers for you. What I do have is this rip-roaring dyno video …

… and this dyno video showing yours truly testing a then-new 49 cc 2009 Honda Rucks on Tym Switzer‘s dynojet. You know, for context- and to give you an idea of what Maxiscoot would have you put their new engine in …

… so, yeah. That’d be a different riding experience, for sure!

What do you guys think? Would something like Maxiscoot’s MXS 90 “bi-cylinder” build sound right at home in your scooter, or are you holding out for Yamaha’s quiet electric dream machines? Let us know how you feel about this crazy 2-stroker in the comments, below.


Source: Maxiscoot, via Jeremy Hall at Enviromoto.