British company Mavizen, the outfit behind the eGrandPrix, has launched the world’s first production electric supersport bike, – the TTX02, available as a limited edition from April 2010.

The bike, unveiled on Tuesday at the SEMA Show 2009 in Las Vegas, has been called a “laptop on wheels” and is the first motorsport vehicle in the world to ship with integrated IP connectivity. It also boasts a USB based system bus that allows a “virtually unlimited” number of peripherals to extend the capabilities of the machine with plug’n’play.

According to the man behind the outfit, Azhar Hussain, “This is about giving everybody access to the best tools so they can go racing and have a stab at making history.” (More pics after the jump).

The stylish chassis, based on a KTM RC8 street bike, is kitted out with a lithium-ion battery and two electric motors, each delivering 22.5 kilowatts of continuous power (about 30 horsepower) and 36 kilowatts peak (48.2 horsepower).

Mavizen told Autopia that they plan to build the TTX02 in the United Kingdom, with the amount depending on demand – but an initial target of 50 bikes. The first bike will be shipped in April 2010 with “a typical circuit configuration costing “about $40,000.”

Image Credits – MCN via Autopia