Make no mistake- Jaguar is really, really proud of the production version of its all-new, all electric Jaguar I-Pace crossover that launched last week. You can tell, because instead of the dozen or so press shots you usually get from a manufacturer when they launch a new car, Jaguar released nearly a hundred high-resolution images of the new 2019 Jaguar I-Pace.

Most interesting to Gas2 readers will probably be what Jaguar is calling “the technology photo pack”, which is full of pictures showing off the I-Pace’ charger, apps, and “skateboard” style battery pack/chassis deal. I also really dig the “open” hood, which uses the traditional Jaguar grille to create downforce and/or reduce drag, depending on how you interpret the diagrams. You can see those, below …


Jaguar I-Pace Technology Gallery

… Jaguar also put out a few different studio galleries. The first is a weird, Ikea-y sort of neon installation deal that may or may not be CGI. The second is more like what you’re used to seeing whenever a manufacturer launches a new model. That one’s a bit more high-res …


Jaguar I-Pace Neon Gallery


Jaguar I-Pace Studio Gallery (Higher-Res)

… next, Jaguar gives us a number of “location” photos of the new I-Pace. These put the crossover in its best light, I think. It looks great …


Jaguar I-Pace Location Gallery

… and, finally- lest you believe that the new electric Jaguar I-Pace is just a pretty face- Jaguar has even produced its own handy-dandy infographics to make lazy writers’ jobs that much easier. It’s greatly appreciated, guys- I’ve included all four!


Jaguar I-Pace Infographics

Source | Photos: Jaguar Media.