Every once in a great while, someone comes along to challenge the status quo. They’re called geniuses, maniacs, or something more dramatic. And still, sometimes these brave people come up with an idea that is truly transformational– and that’s exactly what the mentalists guys at ElectroBraap have done by building the bike you see here. Meet an electric Honda grom dubbed Project Electrom, and witness its 50 (fifty!) horsepower all-electric motor with a sprocket the size of a pizza.

This particular build starts with an ordinary Honda Grom, then stuffs it full of the hugely effective Alta Redshift MX electric power train. Even though that brand is long gone, at this point, a number of its compact and powerful battery and motor combinations are still out there, waiting to be popped into a build like this. And what a build! An electric Grom would be awesome enough, on its own, to merit an article in these pages– but when you combine the staggering horsepower figures with a pizza-sized rear sprocket and you end up with a truly epic, and fully highway-capable wheelie machine. How’d you like to roll up to Mini Mondays on that!?

ElectroBraap isn’t giving away too much in the way of actual technical or performance specifications on its wild Electrom, beyond the 50HP/42TQ electric motor’s output. Still, there are a number of great build photos and even a video showing this bike on the move. You can check those out some of my favorite pictures yourself, below, then let us know your thoughts on this one-off electric Grom in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


ElectroBraap 50HP Electric Grom | Photo + Video Gallery

Whats up YouTube! In this video I bring to you something I’ve been waiting to do since Alta closed its doors. An Alta Powered Honda Grom! That means 50 instant Horse Power on a mini bike that originally had 9 or 10! I take a long drive to meet a very skilled friend to help me with a project of this magnitude. As things develop we realize how perfect this setup works with the Grom. We hope to set some records with this bad boy. Do you think this will be the worlds fastest grom? Let us know your thoughts below!

Source | More Photos: ElectroBraap, via Asphalt and Rubber.