A dude from Kazakhstan, “malikmrz” on the Tesla Motors Club forum, has designed a seat upgrade for a Tesla Model S. The seats include a massage option, memory (up to 2 seat positions), heating, and ventilation.

Below are some pics.

Tesla luxury seats 1 Tesla luxury seats 2 Tesla luxury seats 3 Tesla luxury seats 4 Tesla luxury seats 5

Apparently, the underlying seats are the same as used in the BMW 7 series, apparently the best you can get.

Some commenters noted the importance of making sure these seats work with Tesla’s side airbags.

It’s not entirely clear if malikmrz is selling such retrofits… from Kazakhstan. But given Tesla’s weakness in the seats department (many have stated it’s the weakest part of the Model S), I’m sure many Model S drivers would be interested in this.

However, there is the question of how far we’re going with comfort enhancements. One commenter dropped this screenshot from WALL-E: