Lucid Motors has come a long, long way. Not that long ago, the company was dismissed by many– including me!– as vaporware. When the company secured more than a billion dollars’ worth of funding from Saudi investors, though, that view started to change. Earlier today, it was announced that the former head of production in charge of Tesla’s Fremont, California factory, Peter Hochholdinger, would be taking up a similar role at Lucid. And that, dear reader, is what it looks like when a company gets real.

Hochholdinger is hardly the only Tesla alum at Lucid. After all, the company was founded by Peter Rawlinson, who was the chief engineer on the Model S. “We are delighted to welcome Peter to the Lucid team,” explains Rawlinson, in a statement about his new production hire. “Peter (Hochholdinger)’s extensive experience and proven leadership in premium-vehicle manufacturing will prove invaluable as we continue our progress towards the launch of Lucid Air and future models. In joining Lucid, Peter is empowered to create an industry-leading manufacturing process that will deliver the quality products our discerning customers demand and deserve.”

Lucid has plans to launch its $60,000 electric luxury sedan next calendar year, so having someone on hand who not only understands volume production, but the volume production of electric cars, has to be massively important to the startup as it works to meet its goals. Since Tesla seems to be the only company, save Nissan, that’s building EVs in volume, it’s entirely possible that Hochholdinger isn’t simply a guy worth poaching from Tesla– he may well be the only guy in the hemisphere who knows how to get that particular job done. After all, wasn’t Tesla deep in the circles of “production Hell” a while back? Will it be there again?

What do you guys think? Is this hire more a good thing for Lucid or a bad thing for Tesla? How will this impact Tesla’s already troubled stock prices? Or, will it? Let us know what you think of all these “electrifying” personnel changes in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: Lucid, via Electrek.