sealanderIf you are a nature buff like me, but don’t particulary care for sleeping in a tent, then you probably own (or want to own) either a mobile or towable camper. What if you’re into boating too though? Well luckily for you and me, the amphibious Sealander Caravan is a camper trailer that can double as a boat.

Compact, creative, and undeniably cool, the Sealander is a fairly basic camper all around, with a fold out bed that turns into a table and small couch. Options included a mini-kitchen and chemical toilet are also available, and the fiberglass body is very light, allowing it to be towed by most cars.

The combination German/Swiss design is ridiculously efficient at being a boat too; no special license is required, and all you need to do is hook up an outboard motor to the stern and viola! Instant cabin cruiser. Pricing starts at around $20,000, so it isn’t exactly a cheap alternative to camping.

For nature and boating enthusiasts, the Sealander wraps all their experiences up into a single convenient vehicle. What other combination vehicles would make life in the wilderness easier?

Source: Sealander via Inhabitat