It’s still Memorial Day weekend for millions of Americans, and – for many of them – that means:  the beach.  It’s a he(ck) of a place, the beach.  Often filled with sunbathers, swimmers, boaters, and (on some days) surfers, the beach is probably not a place you’d think of as “filled” with eco-conscious technology.

Nevertheless, the waters are teeming with green-as-can-be sailboats (the original off-shore wind power), and – soon – electric surfboards!

As cool as the li-ion battery-powered Wavejet is (what with 30 min. of run-time at a full 20 lb. of thrust), the big idea behind it is that surfers no longer need a PWC to tow them out to the big waves.  In so doing, the Wavejet potentially saves its owners the fuel that said PWC would burn out on the water, the fuel required to tow the thing to the beach, the fuel that’d be burned by the “tow-rated” vehicle they’d drive back and forth to work the 300-odd days of the year they weren’t surfing.  When you factor in the environmental impact of manufacturing and transporting the PWCs used as surf-tows into the mix, you can see how it would be easy to get excited about this $4500, carbon-fiber off-shore EV.

Source:  Wavejet, via Cool Material